Small household pellet milling machine used in small scale pellet processing line

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What is home use pellet mill? The home use pellet mill is small pellet mill that can satisfy your need to make your own pellets at home. According to different designs, there are two types of home use pellet mill: the D-TYPE, the rotating die type and the R-TYPE, the rotating roller type. While in terms of different motors, there are four types of home use pellet mill: electric motor home use pellet mill, diesel home use pellet mill, PTO home use pellet mill, gasoline home use pellet mill.

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1.Why choose home-use pellet mill?

With increasing awareness of environmental protection, biomass pellets, which are particles made by pellet machine with biological materials, are no stranger to us. Compared with traditional fuel such as coal, biomass pellets have significant advantages environmentally and economically. Biomass pellets have higher calorific value than coal. Biomass pellets have a high degree of purity, and they contain no sulfur and phosphorus, thus when they are burning, there will be no sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide to form acid rain. After biomass pellets burnt, there remains less ash than coal, so they are much more cleaner. The raw materials to make biomass pellet is cheap and easy to get. You can use straw, grass, leaves, sawdust, peanut shell, weed etc. What's more, the operation of home use pellet machine is quite simple. It is very convenient to make pellets at home.

Simple operation portable small animal feed pellet mill machine

2.Application of Home Use Pellet Mill

As we have introduced in the beginning of this passage, making pellets at home is convenient, economic and environmentally friendly. A home use pellet mill is certainly a right choice for making pellets that meet your requirement. Whether making feed pellets for livestock you raise or making wood pellets for pellet stove will bring you great benefit.

(1)Feed Pellets

Why do we need to make feed pellets? There are few reasons. Firstly, in the process of making feed pellet, high temperature can disinfect of raw material so that there will be much fewer bacteria, worm eggs, and virus. It helps to decrease the morbidity of your livestock. Secondly, pellet making machine can mingle different kinds of feed. Thus it prevents livestock to piddle, ensuring the balance of nutrition. Thirdly, pellet making machine helps to discompose the crude fiber in the feed, so the feed pellets are more delicious and easy to digest for livestock.

Small animal feed pellet machine

Homemade pellet machine can be used in the following feed pellet production processing line:

a.Rabbit feed production line

b.Cattle feeding plant

c.Pig feed pellet making plant

d.Chicken poultry feed line for pellet

e.Fish feed pellet making plant

f.Shrimp feed processing line

g.Sheep pellet feed line

h.Camel pellet feed line

i.Premix feed production line

j.Horse pellet feed line


(2)Biomass Fuel Pellets

small capacity wood pallet machine price

Nowadays, many families have abandoned traditional stove and choose to use the pellet stove. Then why not make your own pellet stove pellets at home? As a kind of biofuel, biomass pellets are both environmentally friendly and economic. Biomass pellets are clean, leaving much less ash and harmful gas. The raw materials for making pellet fuel barely cost you nothing. Straw, sawdust, weed, leaves are branches easy to find in your backyard. The operating of a small pellet mill is easy to learn. So let's make our own pellets and store them to spend this cold winter.

Homemade wood pellet mill can be used in the following biomass fuel pellet production processing line:

a.Wood Pellet Production Line

b.Wood Chips Pellet Production Line

c.Kitchen Waste Pellet Production Line

d.Haystack Pellet Production Line

e.Organic Fertilizer Pellet Production Line

d.Alfalfa Pellet Production Line

e.Corn Stalk Pellet Production Line

f.Palm Shell Pellet Production Line

g.Waste Paper Pellet Production Line

h.Wood Shavings Pellet Production Line

i.Hemp Pellet Production Line

3.How to Select A High Quality Home Use Pellet Making Machine?

Now, You may have learned the advantages of home use pellet mill by reading this passage, and even want to start to make your own pellets. But how to choose a home use pellet machine of high quality with reasonable price? Here are some tips.

(1)Choose home use pellet mill from the big company. To a great extent, the quality of pellet machine depends on the technology and ability of the company. Buy your home use pellet mill from the company with letters of patent and rich experience.

(2)Contact the sales consultants to see if they are professional in the field of home use pellet mill. You should ask questions on the detail and allocation parts.

(3)Buy home use pellet mill with high-cost performance rather than with low price. You get what you pay for, and don't get confused by a low price. A high-quality pellet machine with reasonable price can save lots of your energy and even your money to some extent.

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