Reasons for the whitening of eggshells

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The reasons for the whitening of eggshells can be summarized in the following six reasons:

1. Seasonal white egg shells

The high temperature in summer makes it difficult for chickens to dissipate heat. In order to accelerate the heat dissipation, they drink a lot of water. In addition, the feed intake decreases, resulting in nutrient loss and insufficiency. In addition, the high temperature caused thermal wheeze, which will increase the concentration of carbon dioxide and bicarbonate ions in the blood. The decrease of the concentration of carbonic anhydrase and carbonic anhydrase weakens the ability of the eggshell to form in the reproductive tract, affects the quality of the eggshell and produces white shell eggs.

2. Nutritional white eggshell

Insufficient supplementation of vitamins, minerals, calcium and phosphorus in layer diets can cause white eggshells.

3. Pathological white eggshell

Chronic Newcastle Disease, Colibacillosis, Egg Drop Syndrome, Pasteurellosis, etc. will make eggshells paler and paler.

4. Stress white eggshell

Change groups, epidemic prevention, and external disturbances will all have a stress effect on chickens, resulting in decreased egg production and lighter color. This type of change will not last long. Adjust the environment, eliminate external stress, and add electrolysis in drinking water. The white eggshell phenomenon will disappear quickly.

5. Light-sensitive white eggshell

The light during the laying period should be constant. Insufficient, unstable or irregular light will cause white eggshells. Artificial light supplementation should be stable and equipped with scientific feed nutrition to ensure excellent shell color and egg production peak.

6. Aged white eggshell

Due to the aging of chickens, decreased egg production, and eggshell changes, the increase in nutritional drugs can be improved, but the maintenance time is not long. It should be eliminated in time according to market conditions.

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