Be careful when feeding corn to sheep! What should I do if the lamb eats too much corn?

Due to the shortage of stale corn in the market and the high price, many sheep farms have begun to use new corn at a lower price in large quantities, and some sheep farms have even replaced all of them with new corn. Combined with a visit to a first-line sheep farm, it was found that feeding new corn can easily cause diarrhea, high feed intake, and slow growth of the sheep.

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1. Features of new corn:

(1) When new corn comes down, it needs a one-month post-maturation period, that is, the starch conversion process.

If the conversion is not completed, the energy is insufficient.

(2) New corn has high moisture content and is prone to mold.

Mycotoxin, a derivative of mold, destroys the body's immune system and greatly reduces the body's ability to resist diseases.

2. The harm of new corn:

(1) The moisture content is large and unstable.

(2) Delayed maturity of new corn can easily cause diarrhea. This hazard does not exist for stale corn (but stale corn also pays attention to mildew).

(3) Harm of mold.

(4) Pay attention to the difference between mold and mycotoxins.

(5) The harm of toxins and mold in new corn is greater than that of old corn.

3. How to use scientifically to maximize the nutritional effects of new corn?

(1) Partial use: mix stale corn with part of new corn, gradually increase the proportion of new corn, and transition for half a month to reduce the impact of resistant starch. The feed of new corn is high in moisture and content, so it should not be stored for a long time.

(2) Screening and winnowing: This method can effectively reduce the content of broken kernels and impurities in the corn, thereby reducing the harm of mycotoxins to animals, and the palatability can also be improved.

(3) Moderate aging: New corn needs to be stored in the warehouse for 5-6 weeks, and then used after maturation.

4. What should I do if the sheep eat corn too much?

(1) Etiology

①Sheeping sheep in the stubble field in autumn is easy to eat a lot of grains, corn, sorghum, and other crops and grains, and they are easy to get sick.

②Sudden change of feed may cause bulimia in sheep to easily cause this disease.

(2) Symptoms

Sick sheep have no mind, appetite ceases, rumination ceases, abdomen gradually swells, there is drumming, stomach is full of food with gas, a large amount of gas in the intestines, and wailing due to abdominal pain. Sick sheep have difficulty breathing, lie down and do not move, and often have a rapid heartbeat due to obstacles in breathing and circulatory functions. Visible mucosal flushing followed by cyanosis.

(3) Prevention and treatment

① After the sheep is found to eat a lot of corn, bean dregs and other feeds, the sheep must first stop eating to prevent the corn and bean dregs from swelling in water.

②Orally take vegetable oil. Vegetable oil not only can dredge the intestine, but also has a destructive effect on foamy swelling.

③Apply fermenting agent in time. For example, mash with 6 grams of garlic, add 15-30 ml of vinegar, and take it orally; 30-60 ml of vinegar, take it orally; 0.3 g of phenyl salicylate, take it orally; 2 ml of ginger tincture, 1 ml of rhubarb tincture, add warm water to take it orally .

④Injecting drugs to promote ruminating by intramuscular injection.

⑤In order to alleviate heart and lung dysfunction, 0.5 ml of 10% Ansodium Coffee Injection can be injected intramuscularly.

6 When necessary, a syringe can be used to slowly draw air from the intestine.

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