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We will provide comprehensive services to customers’ satisfaction. With professional service skills and full service enthusiasm, RICHI machinery Overseas Service Team will provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality services to ensure that customers' equipment are under a good operating condition, to improve customers’feed machinery stability, to increase value for customers, and to make customers trust the RICHI services.

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Genuine spare parts

We provide our customers with a complete range of feed and biomass equipment accessories, to ensure that each part in the operation of the equipment to play its effectiveness.

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Turnkey Service

Turnkey project refers to the project contracting enterprises in accordance with the stipulations of the contract for project design, budget, equipment, material purchase, construction, commissioning and acceptance and so on all the stages of the work, finally submitted to the customer a meet use function, the using conditions of project, and pay the project quality, progress, cost and safety of all the responsibilities.

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China professional factory offered 300-400 kg/h turn-key floating fish feed pellet and pet food production line machinery for sale

The quality of the water body puts forward stricter requirements. The production process of aquatic extruded feed is very different from the traditional production process of livestock poultry feed.

The correct use of the ring die of the animal feed pellet machine can extend the life of the ring die

Because the animal feed pellet milling machine is the main equipment of the animal feed pellet making plant, the manufacturer should first perform daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance work on the host to ensure that the feed pellet processing machine maintains a good, stable, and non-jittering working condition.

What feed does the cow eat to grow fast? Cattle farmers should stop feeding pig feed and chicken feed!

Many cattle farmers feed their cows with pig feed and chicken feed. They think that the cows grow faster after eating the pig and chicken feed.This is not the case.

Multipurpose 300-500kg/h good quality wood pellet mill machine for renewable energy biomass pellet plant

The renewable energy biomass pellet plant comes with a host of equipment, some of which include the foundation frame, the cyclone separator and the wood crusher.

The "number one enemy" of autumn layer feed-Mycotoxins

The quality of layer feed is a key factor in determining the efficiency of layer breeding. At present, mycotoxins have become a key issue to be prevented in the chicken feed industry and breeding terminals.


What are the disadvantages of flat die pellet machine?Where is it more suitable for use?

1.Soft pellets, large percentage of pellets will break into powder when delivery. 

2.Low compression ration of die,  means the nutrition in single pellet is low, the speed of growth of animal is much slower .

3.The materials can not be cooked by steam , means 
*  can not kill bacteria , 
* can not cook the materials. 
Lead : 
the illness can not be controlled, and the digestion can not be fully by animals. 

Usually flat die pellet machine is suitable to family farm use, not for commercial use in market.Ring die pellet machine is more suitable for commercial use.

Is the 2 ton per hour pine wood pellet making machine easy to maintain?

The general maintenance of the 2 ton per hour pine wood pellet making machine does not require much money. Generally, it is only simple oil injection, firmness of the screws, gap adjustment, etc. Sometimes due to the lazy or negligent operation technicians, the pellet mill lacks necessary maintenance, Maintenance causes damage to mechanical equipment. Richi Machinery will provide all users with detailed wood pellet mill machine operation and maintenance procedures, and our after-sales personnel will train the customer's staff, provide detailed mechanical problem answers, disassembly, etc. Let customers have no worries.