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We will provide comprehensive services to customers’ satisfaction. With professional service skills and full service enthusiasm, RICHI machinery Overseas Service Team will provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality services to ensure that customers' equipment are under a good operating condition, to improve customers’feed machinery stability, to increase value for customers, and to make customers trust the RICHI services.

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feed and biomass equipment accessories
Genuine spare parts

We provide our customers with a complete range of feed and biomass equipment accessories, to ensure that each part in the operation of the equipment to play its effectiveness.

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Richi Turnkey Service
Turnkey Service

Turnkey project refers to the project contracting enterprises in accordance with the stipulations of the contract for project design, budget, equipment, material purchase, construction, commissioning and acceptance and so on all the stages of the work, finally submitted to the customer a meet use function, the using conditions of project, and pay the project quality, progress, cost and safety of all the responsibilities.

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How to make chicken manure fertilizer?

hicken manure organic fertilizer adopts decomposing agent fermentation technology. It contains medium and trace elements required by plants, beneficial biologically active bacteria and a variety of enzymes. The life activities of these microbial bacteria in the soil can fix nitrogen in the air, loosen the soil, Decompose the phosphorus and potassium minerals solidified by chemical fertilizers in the soil for a long time to provide enough nutrients for crops.

Be careful when feeding corn to sheep! What should I do if the lamb eats too much corn?

Due to the shortage of stale corn in the market and the high price, many sheep farms have begun to use new corn at a lower price in large quantities, and some sheep farms have even replaced all of them with new corn.

How to set up feed company 20 tons per hour for poultry feed?

There are some basic procedures for building a 20t/h poultry feed company, and some application conditions must be met. Of course, it also involves the location and process of 20t/h animal feed companies , Design and selection of feed equipment. Today Richi Machinery will bring you the most detailed 20 tons per hour animal poultry feed company construction process and basic 20t/h animal poultry feed company business plan.

How to start animal feed factory with 40 tons per hour for poultry and cattle feed?

How to start animal feed factory with 40 tons per hour for poultry and cattle feed? Today Richi Machinery will introduce to you the steps of building a feed factory, the required procedures, process design and equipment configuration.

How to setting up an animal feed manufacturing company?

Setting up an animal feed manufacturing company is a very complicated matter. But this "complexity" is a relative concept. For customers without professional animal feed mill manufacturer's guidance, it must be very complicated; but if there is a professional animal feed factory provider's guidance, then all the work of setting up an animal feed manufacturing company can be streamlined, as long as it is completed in order.

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We have the interest to be a distributor for these biomass fuel pellet mill machine products for Bulgaria.

We are glad to know you are in lining with the Biopower industry and want to distribute our Biofuel Pellet Mills in Bulgaria. RICHI pellet machines are very popular in the world markets. Sincerely hope we could establish the long, mutual-benefit, friendly business relationship with your esteemed company as well. According to material, structure and power, we have different models of Biofuel Pellet Mills as follows: ①300-400KG/H biofuel pellet making machine for sale Capacity: 300-400KG/H Anti-Caking Feeder Power: 1.5KW Force Feeder Power: 0.55KW Power: 37KW ②CE 500-700KG/H biofuel wood pelle...

Our Company is located in Ukraine. The mainly biomass materials in Ukraine is reed, straw and wood processing wastes. Is your biomass pellet processing machine suitable to deal with these materials?

RICHI biomass wood pellet making machine can processing a wide range of biomass materials, including reed, straw and wood residues as you said. Actually, almost all kinds wood processing waste and crop stalks are suitable raw materials. But the materials must not be mixed with any sand, stone and magnetic metal impurities.