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We will provide comprehensive services to customers’ satisfaction. With professional service skills and full service enthusiasm, RICHI machinery Overseas Service Team will provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality services to ensure that customers' equipment are under a good operating condition, to improve customers’feed machinery stability, to increase value for customers, and to make customers trust the RICHI services.

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feed and biomass equipment accessories
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We provide our customers with a complete range of feed and biomass equipment accessories, to ensure that each part in the operation of the equipment to play its effectiveness.

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Turnkey Service

Turnkey project refers to the project contracting enterprises in accordance with the stipulations of the contract for project design, budget, equipment, material purchase, construction, commissioning and acceptance and so on all the stages of the work, finally submitted to the customer a meet use function, the using conditions of project, and pay the project quality, progress, cost and safety of all the responsibilities.

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How to confirm the capacity about chicken feed pellet line? What is the daily feed intake of chickens (layers and broilers)?

Under normal circumstances, feed with full-price feed, each chicken will eat 4.5kg of feed until the slaughter, and the average weight can reach 2.5kg. how to produce chicken feed?How to confirm the capacity about chicken feed pellet line?

What equipments are needed to set up a poultry livestock chicken duck pig feed processing plant?

Recently, a customer asked us this question: "I want to open a complete animal feed production line that mainly produces feed for pigs, chickens and ducks. What equipment is needed? What technical requirements are needed?

How do cattle farms save cattle feed costs?

Cattle raising is very detail-oriented, and a small change can save a lot of costs. If you want to make money, you must start with some details. Every detail will save a lot of money, and the profit of raising cattle will gradually increase.

How To Make Paper Pellets By Waste Paper Pellet Mill Machine?

Waste paper is produced in our daily life, news paper, magazines, official copies, etc. They are not totally the waste, and they have a very high value. The waste paper has many usages, like packing some goods, being processed into the recycled paper, bei

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I want to open a feed mill, do you provide turnkey service?

Yes, we provide turnkey animal feed mills, you can check the details on this page:

We have the interest to be a distributor for these biomass fuel pellet mill machine products for Bulgaria.

We are glad to know you are in lining with the Biopower industry and want to distribute our Biofuel Pellet Mills in Bulgaria. RICHI pellet machines are very popular in the world markets. Sincerely hope we could establish the long, mutual-benefit, friendly business relationship with your esteemed company as well. According to material, structure and power, we have different models of Biofuel Pellet Mills as follows: ①300-400KG/H biofuel pellet making machine for sale Capacity: 300-400KG/H Anti-Caking Feeder Power: 1.5KW Force Feeder Power: 0.55KW Power: 37KW ②CE 500-700KG/H biofuel wood pelle...

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