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We will provide comprehensive services to customers’ satisfaction. With professional service skills and full service enthusiasm, RICHI machinery Overseas Service Team will provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality services to ensure that customers' equipment are under a good operating condition, to improve customers’feed machinery stability, to increase value for customers, and to make customers trust the RICHI services.

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feed and biomass equipment accessories
Genuine spare parts

We provide our customers with a complete range of feed and biomass equipment accessories, to ensure that each part in the operation of the equipment to play its effectiveness.

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Turnkey Service

Turnkey project refers to the project contracting enterprises in accordance with the stipulations of the contract for project design, budget, equipment, material purchase, construction, commissioning and acceptance and so on all the stages of the work, finally submitted to the customer a meet use function, the using conditions of project, and pay the project quality, progress, cost and safety of all the responsibilities.

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Business plant for complete 70 ton/day horse manure organic fertilizer pellet production plant factory for Australia market

Whether it is from the number of horses, the number of racecourses, and the number of employees, Australia is one of the top countries One. Therefore, in Australia, horse manure is very suitable as an important raw material for organic fertilizer.

How to feed tilapia?

Raised tilapia has very strict requirements on feed. From the perspective of fish digestion, the fineness of feed must be high, generally between 40-80 mesh, which is not only beneficial to fish digestion, but also suitable for nutrients absorb. 

Animal processing technology issues that should be paid attention to when using sorghum and barley

Sorghum barley as a raw material that can replace corn feed has been used in more animal feed mill companies. While more research on nutrition, the research on its production technology cannot be ignored.

Feed adjustment of spring laying hens during peak production period

To achieve good chicken raising benefits, attention must be paid to timely adjustment of the nutritional components of the chicken feed for layers to ensure the perfection and adequacy of various nutrients in the diet.

Business plan for 120,000 tons/year large capacity cattle sheep straw alfalfa feed production factory turnkey project

Today, Richi Machinery will share with you a large-scale cattle sheep feed manufacturing plant project business plan that we established in 2003.1. Customer introductionThe client of this annual output of 120,000 tons cattle sheep feed factory project is

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Hi, I need price of 70B fish feed extruder which can produce fish feed,crab, catfish, shrimps feed, also can produce the animal feed like chicken, cattle, rabbit, pig feed etc. by changing the mould and formula.

Sir,what you need is a DGP series Floating Fish Feed Extruder,model DGP70-B,capacity is 0.18-0.2T/H,this small extruder fish feed machine price is around 4000USD. Features of DGP70-B Fish Extruder Equipment: (1)Biaxial machine differential conditioning: effects of aging particularly good tone quality, increase water vapor in the process of completely soaked and set the raw materials powder uniform ripening, the same time added to fish oil, lecithin ,fish soluble ,etc. (2) Strong high-energy diet feeding of formula to add materials to address the process on the past, can not overcome the adde...

I'm interested in your product Latest price of floating fish feed pellet machine, catfish food extruder machine, shrimp feed making machine, I would like some more details

The most common used fish feed pellet making machinery is fish feed extruder which is utilized to produce extruded floating fish feed pellets. According to the differences in the extrusion process, fish feed extruder are classified into two types, namely dry type fish feed extruder and wet type fish feed extruder. By using different types of screw to control the density of finished fish feed pellet, fish feed extruder can produce floating, sinking and slow sinking fish feeds based on the feeding characteristics and habits of fishes; extrusion cooking processing can destroy the pathogens and mo...