How to choose sow feed?

Sow reproduction can be divided into five stages: reserve period, weaning period, pre-pregnancy, late pregnancy and lactation. The selection and control of pig feed pellet for these five stages should vary according to the condition of the sow.

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1. The gilt in the reserve period is in the growth and development stage.

High-quality, nutritious feed is essential to the sow's body development and reproductive system development. In the selection of feed for sows younger than 6 months old, large pig feed (full-price pellet extruded feed on the market) is equipped with green feed at 1:1, allowing them to eat freely. The sows from 6 months old to before mating choose full-price pellets on the market, with green feed at 1:1. It is strictly prohibited to use cottonseed cake, rapeseed cake and moldy feed that are harmful to the reproductive system at this stage. Appropriate feed restriction to prevent sows from getting over-fat, affecting estrus and ovulation.

2. The weaning period is the period from normal weaning to before breeding.

Sows are usually bred in heat about one week after weaning. Improper selection and control of feed at this stage will affect the sow's reproductive cycle. Empty-breasted sows often experience weaning stress 1 to 3 days after weaning, which can easily cause mastitis, high fever and other diseases. At this time, it is very important to control the daily feed amount in combination with the fatness of the weaned sow. Two meals a day, quantitative feeding, must not be allowed to eat freely to cause the above symptoms. The feed should not be changed suddenly. You should choose large pig feed or empty feed on the market, and gradually change the lactation feed to empty feed or large pig feed within 3 days after weaning. Appropriately increase laxative bran and juicy green fodder.

3. Pre-pregnancy refers to the 80 days from mating to pregnancy.

The control of pig feed at this stage plays a role in promoting conception of breeding and increasing litter size. After breeding the empty sows, continue to feed them in limited quantities, set regular meals, and feed 2 to 2.5 kg a day (depending on the sow's fatness and lean body condition), and appropriately increase the green feed. After 20 days of feeding, the sows gradually recovered their normal food intake. It is forbidden to feed moldy, spoiled, frozen, or irritating feed to prevent miscarriage.

4. Late pregnancy refers to the stage of fetus delivery after 80 days of pregnancy. 

The fetus develops rapidly at this stage, and the calcium and nutritional needs increase rapidly. Poor feed selection can easily cause sows to be paralyzed and piglets are weak and sick. This stage is usually referred to as "tire attack". The feed should be gradually changed to lactation feed and fed to bone broth appropriately. If conditions permit, dry fat or soybean oil can be added to the daily feed. The feeding method is regular meals and quantitative feeding. The daily feed is 2.5-2.8 kg (depending on the sow's fat condition).

5. The lactation period refers to the stage from delivery to weaning of the sow.

The selection and control of lactation feed is the top priority of the entire production process. The sows are not fed on the day of farrowing. They are fed with warm bran soup + biochemical soup pills (3 to 5 pills/time) + brown sugar salt water after delivery, twice to promote lochia discharge and rapid recovery of physical strength. On the second day after farrowing, feed the sows about 1 kg of feed, and then add 0.5 kg of feed daily to restore their normal feed intake to 4 to 5 days. Insufficiency or excess of certain nutrients in the diet will affect the sow's feed intake.

Don't increase the concentration of a certain nutrient too much, so as not to cause nutritional imbalance. For example, the higher the energy concentration in the feed, the lower the feed intake will be. While increasing the energy and protein concentration in the feed, it is necessary to pay attention to the supplement of disease-resistant nutrition (the source of immune nutrition and strength, reproductive nutrition, and intestinal nutrition).  

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