How do cattle farms save cattle feed costs?

Cattle raising is very detail-oriented, and a small change can save a lot of costs. If you want to make money, you must start with some details. Every detail will save a lot of money, and the profit of raising cattle will gradually increase.

A beef cattle costs tens of thousands of yuan (taking the Chinese market as an example). The main costs are calves and feed. Calf costs fluctuate with the market and we cannot control it. However, the cost of feed is controllable. Highly skilled cattle farmers can allow cattle to eat less feed and more meat. Not only is it faster to slaughter, but the cost of cattle feed pellets is also relatively small.

The profitability of raising cattle is related to many factors, and the cost of feed is a very important factor. Other factors will not be discussed first. Let's talk about how to save feed expenses today.

Although the current feeding methods in cattle farms are becoming more and more scientific, many breeding plants are still adopting old-fashioned feeding methods. Today's article is aimed at saving cattle feed costs in traditional cattle farms.

cattle feed pellet line machine to found a feed production factory

1. Don't put them in captivity if you can stock them

Concentrated feed must be purchased or processed on its own, and it cannot be obtained for free unless you grow your own corn. The roughage can still be solved by yourself, and you don't need to buy roughage if you can get it for free.

If there are free forages, they will be stocked directly, some rural areas are full of wasteland, and even some fruits will be abandoned and overgrown with weeds. In this case, the conditions for stocking are provided. Using free grass fodder can raise beef cattle, and then feed the cattle and then feed some fine feed, which can greatly save the cost of raising cattle.

2. Planting grass to raise cattle

The cost of growing grass and raising cattle is also very low. Using cow dung to grow pasture, which can be used to raise cattle, basically does not require any fertilizer cost, the cost only needs a few hundred yuan (in the case of China) per mu, It is similar to grazing you for nothing. The only drawback is that it is more difficult. After all, it is two jobs of raising cattle and growing grass. This is similar to stocking, which can save the cost of roughage. Calculated, the cost of a cow's feed can be saved by one or two thousand pieces (taking the Chinese market as an example).

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