Do you want to set up a aquatic feed pellet line? Welcome To RICHI Machinery. RICHI aquatic feed pellet linefor sale in the world , we can customize the design according to your detail requirement for free. 1-30t/h different capacity can be design. RICHI aquatic feed pellet line used for production the different size aquatic feed, such as 1-4mm floating fish feed pellet ,sinking fish feed pellet, shrimp feed pellet, crab feed pellet and others. RICHI is your complete feed project solution manufacturer.

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Founded in 1995, 27 years of professional experience in feed machinery industry, RICHI as a aquatic feed pellet line manufacturer, also can production the fish feed pellet line, shrimp feed pellet line and others. From grinding mixing and pelleting, our equipment solutions are engineered to meet the demands of virtually every application in feed processing industries.

Floating Fish Feed Pellet Line
Floating Fish Feed Pellet Line

Customized Floating Fish Feed Pellet Line Project

RICHI can design the 1-40T/H floating fish feed pellet line, It used for production the different size floating fish feed pellet, such as 1-4mm small floating fish feed pellet and others you need size. Can be customized according to your detail requirement.

  • Capacity: 1-30T/H
  • Main Raw Materials: Fish Meal, Soybean Meal
  • Finished Pellet: 1mm ~ 3.5mm
  • Type: Floating Fish, Pet , Dog , Cat
aquatic feed pellet line
aquatic feed pellet line

Customized Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Line For You

RICHI can design the aquatic feed pellet line, It can production the 2-12mm duck feed pellet. The biggest capacity is 100t/h, we also can provide the free design , such as the equipment layout , flow chart, pit plan, Installation plan, land plan and 3D drawings.

  • Capacity: 1-30T/H
  • Main Equipment: Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Machine
  • Finished Pellet: 1-6mm
  • Type: Sinking Fish Feed
Aquatic Feed Processing Plant For Shrimp Feed
Aquatic Feed Processing Plant For Shrimp Feed

Customized Aquatic Feed Processing Plant For Shrimp Feed

Why need to production the Shrimp feed ? How to production the shrimp feed? What profit dose shrimp feed pellet? RICHI machinery can built the complete turnkey project aquatic feed pellet plant can tell you the answer. More efficient, more energy efficient, low price, more reasonable.

  • Capacity: 1-30T/H
  • Main Raw Material: fishmeal, soybean meal
  • Finished Pellet: 1-6mm
  • Type: Shrimp Feed
Aquatic Pellet Feed Plant for crab feed
Aquatic Pellet Feed Plant for crab feed

Customized Aquatic Pellet Feed Plant For Crab Feed

In the design of crab feed processing technology, RICHI aquatic feed pellet line has achieved leapfrog innovation such as residue reduction, cross-contamination and energy consumption. RICHI aquatic feed pellet production line can provide the 1-30t/h capacity. The main machine of crab feed pellet production line is crab feed pellet machine, feed hammer mill, feed mixer and others

  • Capacity: 1-30T/H
  • Main Equipment: Crab Feed Pellet Machine, Feed Grinder, Mixer
  • Finished Pellet: 1-4mm
  • Type:Crab Feed


If RICHI Machinery is in operation in key projects(evaluate before sale), the customer will receive special services from RICHI (free special coating service, on-site service, extended on-site service). These special services will allow customers to work more freely without any worries. Free technical enquire with our experts,right now!

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If you want to built a turnkey aquatic feed pellet line project, but don’t know what capacity suitable your budget, contact us. RICHI machinery can provide the 1-30t/h different capacity customized design according to your budget , your raw material , your final feed requirement, your workshop size. For more than 27 years, RICHI has been leading the way in the design and manufacture of world-class pellet mills with the lowest operating costs and the highest long-term value imaginable. With every piece of pelleting equipment we sell, we take the time to know and understand your unique requirements, and then we work with our engineers and your experts to recommend the best pelleting solution for your operation.

aquatic feed pellet line for sale

Aquafeed Extruder Plant

Annual output: 5000-8000tons
Total Power: 45-150kw
Project size: 15*5*7m
Main Equipment: Hammer Mills SFSP.56*40
Mixing Machine: SLHY.1
Pellet Machine: SZLH.250, SZLH-320
1- Siemens motors
2- SKF bearings
3- All parts meet pellet on pellet machine are made by Stainless Steel. Including feeder, conditioner, ring die, pelletizing room

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aquatic feed pellet line for sale

Aquatic Shrimp Feed Pellet Making Plant

Annual output:15000-30000tons
Total Power: 150-180kw
Provide more than 15 different design schemes, automatic configuration, manual configuration, standard configuration, simple configuration, the total price of 50000-3000000USD, there is always one that can meet your needs and budget.
Conveyor scheme, elevator scheme, digging pit scheme, there is always a height and volume that can meet your workshop space.

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aquatic feed pellet line for sale
8-12 T/H

5T/H Shrimp&2T/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line

Annual output: 10000-80000tons
Total Power: 180-220kw
Project size: 15*10*20m
1- Siemens motors
2- SKF bearings
3- All parts meet pellet on pellet machine are made by Stainless Steel. Including feeder, conditioner, ring die, pelleting room 
4- The complete aquatic feed pellet line can production all kinds of aquatic feed pellet. Such as shrimp feed, fish feed and others.

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aquatic feed pellet line for sale

2.5-5T/H Shrimp Feed &8-12T/H Sinking Feed Production Line

Annual output: 50000-110000tons
Total Power: 220-350kw
The use of differentiated process equipment for this aquatic feed project will greatly improve feed quality and profitability; at the same time, the introduction of automation and intelligent equipment will also greatly reduce labor costs, help customers improve efficiency, and reduce feed plant operating costs.

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aquatic feed pellet line for sale

5T/H Aquatic Floating Fish Feed Processing Line

Annual output: 30000tons
Total Power: 600kw
As a big project of aquatic feed pellet plant, RICHI can provide you with a full turnkey project service. During the construction process, not only advanced technology is introduced into the local area, but also resource and energy utilization are considered, so that the project saves electricity and steam.

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aquatic feed pellet line for sale

10T/H Aquatic Feed Pellet Making Plant

Annual output: 60000tons
Total Power: 700-800kw
As a large project of full automatic aquatic feed pellet line, with computer dosing and batching is more accurately and faster, with a system for receiving and cleaning raw materials, crushing, PLC dosing, mixing, granulating, cooling, crushing, sieving, packing. RICHI can provide you with a full turnkey project service.

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Countries: Uzbekistan
Project: Aquatic Feed Mill Project
Capacity: 5Tons Per Hour


Countries: Indonesia
Project: Aquatic Feed Manufacturing Plant
Capacity: 5Tons Per Hour


Countries: Russia
Project: Fully Automatic Aquatic Feed Pellet Line
Capacity: 10Tons Per Hour

South Africa

Countries: Brazil
Project: Aquatic Fish Feed Plant
Capacity: 1.5-2 Tons Per Hour


Countries: USA
Project: Aquatic Feed Processing Plant
Capacity: 10 Tons Per Hour


Richi 1-30T/H different capacity full automatic aquatic feed pellet plant for sale the 121 countries in the world , welcome to visit our project case. As a 27years experiences professional feed pellet equipment manufacturer, RICHI can provide the whole and one-stop feed pellet processing plant service for clients, solving all the feed factory construction, operation, management problems, devoting to provide modern, high-efficiency, and energy-saving feed production project construction and operation solutions for clients away from worries.

3-5T/H Aquatic Feed Pellet Production Machine Line In Uzbekistan

5T/H Aquatic Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Processing Line Project In Uzbekistan

This customer is from Tashkent, and this is his second cooperation with RICHI. What he bought for the first time was a 3-5t/h powder feed and 1t/h forage feed pellet combined line, and this time he bought a 5 ton per hour sinking fish feed pellet production line for carp feed, because he also operates his own large carp farm. RICHI Machinery also provide the complete turnkey fish feed pellet project for him, from design to install.

10 Tons Per Hour Turnkey Poultry Chicken Pellet Feed Manufacturing Plant Project In
Puerto Rico

1200-1500KG/H Fish Extruded Feed Production Plant In Puerto Rico

A fish feed extruder purchased by customers from Puerto Rico this time will be used in the 1200-1500kg/h aquatic floating fish feed mill plant. Puerto Rico is located in the eastern part of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. Most of the Caribbean countries are relatively small. Among them, the development of aquaculture in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Dominica and other countries has achieved some results and is sustainable.

RICHI Machinery The Large Feed Project In Saudi Arabia 15-16T/H Poultry Feed Mill Project
Saudi Arabia

RICHI Machinery The Large Feed Project In Saudi Arabia 15-16T/H Feed Mill Project

The client of this fish feed mill project visited China in early 2018, spent half a month in China, visited more than ten feed equipment manufacturers, and finally signed with this customized fully automatic aquatic feed production line. The aquatic feed pellet processing line is planned to be divided into fish feed line and shrimp feed pellet line.

RICHI Machinery Afghanistan 10T/H Feed Mill Plant For Poultry

RICHI Machinery Russia 10T/H Feed Mill Plant For Fish

In the Russia turnkey aquatic feed mill plant project, the core equipment and solutions are designed and provided by Richi's professional team, with reliable equipment quality and smooth process flow. In today's market environment where feed prices are soaring, the production line is not only able to meet the high standards of customers, but also will bring considerable investment returns to Afghan customers

The Main Equipment In Aquatic Feed Pellet Line

A large complete aquatic feed pellet line need a lot of different equipment, the main feed equipment include:

  • Aquatic feed grinder

  • Aquatic feed mixer

  • Aquatic feed pellet machine

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Aquatic Feed Grinder

Aquatic Feed Grinder

Aquatic feed grinder widely used for grinding the raw material such as corn to 3-5mm powder. Then we also design the ultrafine grinder in this fish feed line.

Aquatic Feed Mixer

Aquatic Feed Mixer

Aquatic feed mixer widely used to mix powdered materials to make the components of the mixture evenly distributed and ensure the quality of aquatic feed.

Aquatic Feed Pellet Machine

Aquatic Feed Pellet Machine

As the most important equipment ,aquatic feed pellet machine used for making different size aquatic feed pellet.

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