we assess your needs
01 We assess your needs

We want to have a deep understanding of your industrial process, to know your exact needs offeed or biomass pellet processing. Or maybe you are switching from outdated equipment to fully automated pellet processingto reduce your costs and ecological footprint? In this case we adapt our feed and biomass energy plant to accept a multiple choice of raw materials and solid fuels.

we share our experiences worldwide
02 We share our experiences worldwide

Richi has done projects in many industries, sometimes with challenging raw materials and biomass fuel mixes, in remote areas or with complicated combinations of media in one single plant. We know how to manage the technical risks and offer you unique perspectives.

we design and build the plant you need
03 We design and build the plant you need

We don't have a standard range, because we reckon that the raw materials, conditions, formulations and pellet requirements in an industrial process are always different. Based on your unique situation and industrial process, we will tailor the feed or biomass pellet plant you need.In addition,during the engineering phase we will inform you of every additional detail our engineers find that could facilitate operation, minimize total cost of ownership or increase the flexibility for future situations.

manufacturing in-house and by specialists world wide
04 Manufacturing in-house and by specialists worldwide

The critical components of the of the feed pellet and biomass pellet production line equipment are built in our own workshops in Asia. Additional equipment needed to complete the plant is manufactured by our worldwide network of reliable partners.

scientific packaging and transportation
05 Scientific packaging and transportation

Keeping in mind a Chinese old saying that “Jade must be cut and chiseled to make it a useful ware”(a person must be disciplined and educated to be a useful citizen), Richi Machinery has always been upholding the spirit of craftsman at every stage, especially for the stages of machine preparation and shipment to ensure safe and non-destructive delivery of equipment with professional packaging and modular solutions.

project construction
06 Project construction

Carry out civil & electric engineering,reasonable equipment layout.With our expertise and rich experience in civil construction, we are able to shorten the construction period, optimize the design, reduce cost and improve overall benefit of the project.

we always help you with installation
07 We always help you with installation

According to the design drawing, gradually start to install mechanical equipment and related supporting equipment.Whether you choose your own subcontractor for the erection phase or you want to install everything together with us, a Richi supervisor will be around to make sure everything is mounted in a safe and thorough way.

project acceptance
08 Project Acceptance

When the relevant project index reaches the design standard, the project will be issued by customer and passed the acceptance check.We learn from our previous projects to make continuous improvement. We applied the FPD (Flawless Project Delivery) throughout our projects to make sure projects are delivered to our clients with highest efficiency and quality possible.

comprehensive training
09 Comprehensive training

We provide comprehensive trainings for the technicians of each project. We can also continue to provide support for the technicians during latter project operation. Tracking utilization results of equipment is also the responsibility of the training lecturers to ensure smooth operation of projects.

services nearby
10 Services nearby

When everything is up and running our Richiers wiil help you further whenever needed. For maintenance or spare parts, but also for adaptations and add-ons when you want to change the production type or increase the process. We are ready to answer your call 24/7.We’ll also visit you regularly to learn about your needs.


Richi is responsible for the planning and specific implementation of the entire project, and customer is only responsible for the overall, principled and objective management and control. Most of the responsibilities and risks are borne by Richi.

Richi can provide one-stop solutions to solve the problems of customers, especially pure investment customers with technical difficulties and poor understanding of equipment, which makes the project's needs and positioning more clear, reducing the cost of energy and financial resources.

For projects with large investment scale, long construction period, relatively complicated technology and strong uncertainties, fixed total price contracts and fixed construction periods are conducive to cost and schedule control and reduce investment risk.

The design, production, installation, trial operation and other links are undertaken by our company to realize the full control of each link. The customer can monitor the project progress in real time, the project quality is guaranteed, and the construction period is greatly shortened.

solutions for customers
  • Feed Pellet Line

    We can create customized animal feed pellet solutions for poultry,livestock,ruminant, aquatic,chicken,pig and cattle,etc. >>

  • Wood Pellet Line

    We can create customized biomass pellet solutions for forestry waste, agricultural waste, organic fertilizer, straw and palm shell, etc. >>

They Chose Turnkey Service

A pellet plant is a serious investment and you need to feel as comfortable with your choice of product as with your choice of partner.

pelletizing turnkey solution
video of pelletizing solution

We welcome you to our project sites around the world to meet us and to visit references resembling your future feed or biomass wood pellet plant. Seeing is believing.

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