Packaging System
Packaging System


Feed Cleaning System Feed Crushing System Feed Mixing System Batching System Feed Pelletizing System Fish Feed Machine Feed Cooling Machine Packaging System Conveyor System Auxiliary Equipment
DCS Series Automatic Packing Scale
DCS Series Automatic Packing Scale

Capacity : 6-8 BAGS/MIN
Main Power : 3KW

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Animal Feed Produciton Line Solutions
Focusing on the feed pellet processing industry for more than 20 years, RICHI Machinery has provided professional project guidance, equipment production, production line construction, management and operation and other product services to thousands of customers, and together they have proved the strength of China's feed machinery brand.
feed pellet line projects
Feed Pellet Line Projects

A pellet plant is a serious investment and you need to feel as comfortable with your choice of product as with your choice of partner.Thanks to the high-performace production of high-quality feed pellet, our customers will stay one step ahead of the competition.

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