Want to buy 110kw ring die feed pellet mill machine,how much? The model of the 110kw ring die feed pellet mill machine is SZLH420, its output is 8-12 tons per hour, 110kw is the main motor power, the feeder power we configure for it is 1.5kw, the conditioner power is 7.5kw, The ring die diameter is 420mm, and the final pellet diameter is 2-12mm. About the price of SZLH420 animal feed mill, it needs to be determined according to the actual pellet size, equipment material and other factors, please contact Richi Machinery for details.

If the mixer excess temperature of the gearbox,what is the problem? (1)Poor lubrication,you can replace the lubricating grease;
(2)The bearing of the speed reducer is damage,you can replace the bearing.

The ring die is broken when worn to a certain degree,what can I do? (1) Foreign material in press diePerfect the cleaning of material
(2) Ring die is too thin.;Use a thicker ring die with shoulder hole.
(3) The fixing of ring die is failureCheck whether the driving rim and the fixing bolts are locked firmly, and replace the driving rim if necessary.

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