How to process hay powder? Hay production process

1. Use of hay powder

It is the main way to produce hay powder by crushing the hay to make hay powder. The processing of hay into grass powder is more conducive to storage and transportation on the one hand, and more importantly, grass powder can be used directly as a feed raw material for the production of livestock and poultry compound feed.

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Which animal feed production lines can hay powder be used as feed material?

1.Rabbit feed production line

2.Cattle feeding plant

3.Pig feed pellet making plant

4.Sheep pellet feed line

5.Camel pellet feed line

6.Horse pellet feed line


2. The processing flow of hay powder

After the forage is harvested, it will be naturally dried for several hours to reduce its moisture to about 70%. Then it will be broken into 15 ~ 25mm broken sections with a guillotine machine, and then transported to the grass storage platform and sent to the conveyor belt through the hopper. After entering the spiral feeder, the grass section is discharged and merged with the high-temperature hot air generated by the high-temperature hot blast stove. The grass section is suspended in a dryer with a temperature of up to 500-600°C and exchanges heat with the hot air.

After more than a minute, it quickly enters the hot air pipe through the rotary roller and enters the Shakeron in a tangential direction, so that the wind and the grass Segment separation. At this time, the grass section has dropped from 70% moisture to about 10%. The hay section is discharged from Shakelong and cooled into a grinder to be crushed. The crushed grass powder is sieved under the action of negative pressure in the lower cavity, and then enters the centrifugal discharger. The grass powder enters the automatic weighing device through the wind locker, weighs into the bag, and then is sold by the automatic sealing machine.

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The main equipment needed for processing hay powder: grass cutting machine, grass crusher, biomass grss sawdust dryer, etc.

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