What is the daily feed intake of chickens (layers and broilers)

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1. Calculation method of daily feed intake of laying hens

10 days before age: (day age + 2)g

10-20 days old: (day age+1)g

20-50 days old: grams of material used = day age

51-150 days age: 50+ (day age-50)/2

Breeding chickens over 150 days old: stable over 100g

Egg-laying peak: about 120g

Fed according to the above calculation method, a hen consumes 8.84kg from birth to 150 days of age, and a layer consumes 36.5kg a year, which can basically meet the needs of laying eggs.

2. Calculation method of daily feed intake of broilers

(Subject to Ross 308 broiler,it is a breed with strong physique, high survival rate, fast weight gain and high meat yield.)

1-10 days old: the first day: 6g, and then increase by 4g per day, such as: 7 days: 30g

11-20 days age: (day age -2)/10*50, such as: 15 days: 65g

21-30 days old: (day age-1)/10*50, such as: 125g in 26 days

31-40 days old: day age/10*50, such as: 35 days 175g

40-50 days old: 200g

Under normal circumstances, feed with full-price feed, each chicken will eat 4.5kg of feed until the slaughter, and the average weight can reach 2.5kg. During normal breeding, the flock should not exceed the feed intake of the day. If it exceeds, the flock is considered abnormal. In the process of feeding and management, it is necessary to appropriately limit its feed intake, otherwise the chickens will be prone to disease or difficult to control after the disease.

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