4 ways to effectively prevent epidemics in pig farms

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The weather in autumn and winter can be said to be very changeable, and the incidence of epidemics has greatly increased. How can there be methods in prevention and control, pay attention to the following points:     

1. Strengthen feeding management, keep warm, and improve the resistance of pigs. In the autumn and winter seasons, the resistance of the animal's body is reduced, which is easy to cause various diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of preventing cold and warming of the pigs, keeping the pens dry, clean and warm, so that the pigs grow and develop healthy. Keep the feed and drinking water clean and hygienic, prevent feeding moldy and rotten feed and dirty water, so as to improve the body's resistance.     

2. Strictly prevent epidemics and control the occurrence of epidemics. Autumn is the best season for prevention of diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease, swine fever, and flu, and plays a vital role in ensuring that there is no epidemic in winter and spring. Earnestly implement the policy of "prevention first, prevention more important than cure", and improve the disease prevention system. Adhere to the principle of "self-reproduction and self-support" to prevent the introduction of foreign diseases. Adhere to the preventive immunization system. Immunization injection is a key measure to prevent pig disease.  

3. Strengthen disinfection, improve environmental sanitation, and reduce pathogen pollution. Insist on cleaning the shed once a day, 1-2 times a week for comprehensive disinfection, and disinfection of feeding utensils every day to maintain a good sanitary environment. Disinfectants can be used with 1:200 concentration of peracetic acid, 1:500 spraying spirit, 1:200 peroxacin, 3% caustic soda solution, etc., 1:1000 spraying spirit can be used for drinking water disinfection, the effect is better.   

4. It is necessary to implement self-blocking, and non-breeders are not allowed to enter the premises (houses); under special circumstances, they can enter the premises after strict disinfection, and vendors are strictly prohibited from entering the pens at will.     

If you do the above points, the effect of epidemic prevention can be greatly improved. 

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