Improvement of production technology and equipment transformation of pig farm

With the development of science and technology in our country, the breeding industry is also constantly improving. The current consideration is not only to reduce the mortality rate, but also to consider how to breed high-quality pigs. So first of all, let's first understand the improvement of the production process of the pig farm and the transformation of the equipment.

small pig feed production line price

1. Growth, fattening and breeding houses can be easier. There is no need to build a closed pig house in the south; a closed pig house is needed in the north. As long as the density of the pig herd is reasonable, there may be no insulation facilities.

2. The positioning bar of the pregnancy house is also good, and the big bar is also good (3-5 first bar is best). The ground of the pregnancy pen should also have a slope, which is good for dry ground. 

3. The delivery room should be designed with high-yield beds, and the nursery beds should be designed with high-quality beds. These hardware devices are essential. The number of nursery units = the number of nursery weeks + 1 (one week in the blank column), and the number of columns per nursery unit is 1/2 of the number of columns per unit in the delivery room.

4. The delivery room and nursery room must be designed or remodeled into an all-in and all-out unit. Many traditional pig farms cannot do this and must be transformed immediately. All-in, all-out is the primary condition for disease control in large-scale pig farms. The number of units required in the farrowing room = the number of weeks in the lactation period + 3 (one week after weaning in the original pen, one week before the sow, and one week in the empty pen) 

5. There should be a sports field between the breeding house and the delivery room. Each batch of weaned sows rushed to the sports field for group breeding for three days and mixed with boars every day to aphrodisiac. This will help the weaned sows to estrus and breed in time.

6. The environmental protection facilities of the pig farm can be adapted to local conditions and time. If the so-called advanced environmental protection equipment is introduced for environmental protection, I am afraid that not many pig farms can afford to invest, and it will not last long. At present, most of the pig farms in my country have succeeded in saving and environmentally friendly pollution discharge models: fish pond ecological model; fruit forest ecological model; farmland buffer model; pond secondary and tertiary sedimentation model. And all these modes only need to add a production process-dry manure manual cleaning manure separation, it will be fine. It is necessary to face up to reality to create an economical ring maintenance pig system.

7. The construction of a new model of welfare pig farms is too early in my country, and its investment is too large. The pig industry in my country is a low-profit industry, and the concept of welfare pig raising is currently only suitable for very few original pig farms with outstanding benefits.

8. The effect of using warm air equipment for heating and insulation is very good, which is beneficial to ventilation and reduces fuel costs.

9. Misunderstandings in the use of some small equipment in pig farms should also be paid attention: UV lamp disinfection has been proved to be of little effect, and the disinfection of ultraviolet lamps still used in the disinfection room at the main entrance of many pig farms should be replaced with automatic induction spray disinfection equipment; Sterilizers for pig houses and pigs should use adjustable high-pressure spray/washing machines, and backward sterilizers such as back sprayers and hand sprayers are not thoroughly disinfected and should be eliminated.

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