Prevention and control of diseases in large-scale pig farms

The recovery of everything in spring is a good season for raising pigs. However, as pigs go through a long winter, the body' s disease resistance is weakened, and various pathogens also multiply as the temperature rises. Poor management by farmers can easily cause pigs. When the disease occurs, epidemic prevention is the focus of pig raising work in spring and should be paid attention to.

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1. Improve the pig house environment

Provide a good growth environment for pigs

Keep the pig house warm, dry and ventilated, and improve the sanitation of the pig house. The spring weather in the north is unpredictable, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. It is necessary to prevent cold and warm, close the doors and windows and vents at night, and hang the curtains to block loopholes to ensure pigs. The house is warm, the environment is dry and clean, and the air is smooth to avoid colds and other diseases.

2. Disinfect the pig house regularly

Thoroughly disinfect the pig house to prevent the growth and reproduction of germs, no less than 2 times a week. In northern areas, you can choose spray disinfection or use 20%~30% lime milk or 2%~3% caustic soda solution to spray and paint the floor, walls and surrounding environment of the pen. First, perform thorough mechanical disinfection and removal. For organic matter inside and outside the house, such as excrement, body surface fall off, feed residue and other dirt, attention should be paid to control the temperature and humidity in the house during disinfection. The disinfectant drugs generally use chlorine disinfectants, aldehyde disinfectants, and iodine disinfectants. , The disinfectant is accurate and thorough, so that there is no dead corner in disinfection, and the disinfectant should be used alternately to prevent drug resistance.

3. Pay attention to disease prevention and control

The temperature varies in spring. In the case of fluctuating heat and cold, influenza is most likely to occur. In spring, it is also swine fever, swine erysipelas, swine pneumonia, piglet paratyphoid, swine mycoplasma pneumonia, transmissible gastroenteritis, and epidemic diarrhea. , Piglet E. coli and other infectious diseases. Prevention of pig diseases in spring is important. First, air disinfection can be carried out, peracetic acid or fumigation of vinegar can be sprayed; secondly, relevant vaccine injections should be made. According to the characteristics of the local epidemic situation, the key diseases should be immunized, and the injection should not be missed. , Vaccine failure, etc.; secondly, do a good job of inspection, early detection, early isolation, early treatment, and strict prohibition of outsiders, vehicles, etc. from entering the pig farm, and the vehicles and personnel entering the farm should be thoroughly disinfected.

4. Scientific management, pay attention to nutrition

Formulate full-price rations scientifically according to the growth stage of pigs, and adjust the ration formula in time according to the weight and feeding situation of the pigs. The feeding and management of fattening pigs and breeding pigs can be carried out as usual, but the feeding and management of piglets must be cautious. Because piglets lack innate immunity, body temperature regulation and digestive functions are not sound, in spring when the climate is fickle, it is very easy to cause piglets to get sick and even die in large numbers. For pigs at each feeding stage, as long as they pay attention to feeding the full price compound feed to prevent the feed from becoming moldy, some vitamins or a certain amount of green feed can be added to the diet to promote the appetite of the pigs and add appropriate amount of compound additives. Provide clean drinking water, sufficient light and appropriate exercise to improve the body's immune capacity.

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