Some pig farm construction issues that pig farmers need to pay attention to

There are some problems in many pig farms. In summary, they are mainly improper site selection and unreasonable pig house layout. It is recommended that you pay attention to these problems and try to correct them.  

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1. The pig farm is built close to both sides of the road.

In some places, the pig farms are built close to the road for the convenience of visiting and learning. From the perspective of technical requirements, it is not acceptable. The pig farm is too close to the road. There are two main disadvantages: one is that the road is too frequent for people, traffic, and logistics during the day and night, and the pig farm is prone to infectious diseases; the other is that the noise is too large and the pigs are not peaceful all day, which is not good for pig growth.

The pig farm should be built 100 meters away from the highway. The selection of the pig farm site should be far away from villages and livestock products processing plants, few pedestrians, downwind or biased wind direction of houses, high dry terrain, solid soil, strong water permeability, not polluted by pathogenic microorganisms, clean water source, and convenient water intake place.

2. The height of the pig house is too low. 

Some pig farms are only sixty to seventy centimeters high. Such a short wall is not conducive to the use of plastic sheds to raise pigs. Because the wall is too short, the plastic film will be damaged when the pig raises its head. The second is that pigs will easily escape through the wall, causing trouble to management. Generally, the height of the rear wall of the pig house should be about 1.8 meters, and the height of the surrounding wall should be about 1.3 meters.    

3. The pig house has no windows.   

Some pig farms do not have any windows, and some have windows, but the windows are too small and there are too few windows. The main problem is that the ventilation and cooling of the house are not good in summer. Generally, a pig house that can raise 10 fattening pigs requires 4 windows of 60-70 cm on the back wall and 2 windows of 50-70 cm on both sides.  

4. There is no manure tank outside the pigpen.   

There is no manure tank outside the pig house. First, it is difficult to collect manure and urine, the fertilizer is easy to lose, and the fertility will be reduced; second, it will affect the cleanliness of the pig house. The size of the manure tank can be determined according to the number of pigs.

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5. The roof of the pig house has more tiles and less grass.

In this way, the warp is more expensive than grass, which increases the cost of raising pigs; the second is that it is better to cool down and prevent cold in winter than grass.   

6. The sow house, boar house and fattening house are all a model.    

The sow house, boar house, and fattening house models have their own specific requirements, and they cannot all be built the same. For example, the sow house needs to set up a nursery room; the wall of the boar house needs to be firmer, and the fence needs to be higher.   

7. There is no sink in the pig house.   

Lack of clean drinking water will affect the growth and development of pigs, so a sink or automatic drinking fountain must be installed.     

8. Improper feeder specifications.    

Feeding troughs are generally built on walls, and the bottom of the trough should be in a'U' shape. The size of the trough should be determined according to the type of pig and the number of pigs.  

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