Can pig manure tell what disease a pig has? The answer is yes!

In the process of raising pigs, it is inevitable that some diseases will be encountered. Only when the cause of the disease is correctly judged and the right medicine can be cured as soon as possible, otherwise the longer the delay, the growth and development of the pigs will be greatly affected. For farmers, in addition to judging whether the pig is sick by the appearance and mental state of the pig, it can also be judged from the feces what kind of disease the pig is sick. So what diseases can pig feces judge? Only by correctly judging the feces of pigs can we solve the problems of pig diseases in time! Today, Ruiqi Machinery will take you to understand.

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1. Normal manure

The normal pig manure is soft like a cake, the shape is a neat oval, the color is medium brown to dark brown, almost no smell, this is very healthy pig manure.

2. Pathological stool and treatment

(1) Red diarrhea and blood diarrhea are considered when pigs excrete red feces.

It usually occurs in piglets less than 3 days old, with reddish-brown porridge-like feces containing gray-white necrotic tissue fragments; sows are not infected with bacteria, norfloxacin can be used, 0.3 grams per kilogram of body weight, dissolved in drinking water for drinking .

(2) Yellow diarrhea should be considered when the color of pig feces is yellow and there are incompletely digested curds in the feces.

Yellow scour is caused by hemolytic Escherichia coli. It mainly occurs in piglets at the age of 3-7 days. It is also known as early-onset colibacillosis. It discharges yellow or yellowish-white mushy stool and contains undigested curds; Carrier does not occur. Available gentamicin: 1.50 mg/kg body weight, intramuscular injection.

(3) The color of pig feces is white, the feces are accompanied by bubbles and fishy odors, and most of them are pullorum

Piglet white scour is caused by pathogenic Escherichia coli. It mainly occurs in piglets aged 10-20 days. It is also known as delayed colibacillosis. It has milky white or off-white mushy stool, smelly, cold body and fear of cold. Most pigs At the same time, gentamicin sulfate can be taken orally at 5~10mg/kg body weight each time, twice a day, for 2~3 days.

(4) Piglet paratyphoid should be considered when the color of pig feces is gray

Piglet paratyphoid fever, also known as swine salmonellosis, is an infectious disease of piglets caused by salmonella.

Acute cases are sepsis, chronic cases are necrotizing enteritis, which often occurs in piglets under 6 months of age, especially in piglets of 2 to 4 months of age.

Sick pigs should be isolated and treated in time, 0.6 to 2 grams of oxytetracycline hydrochloride can be used, divided into two to three feedings, 60 to 100 mg per kilogram of body weight. 20 grams of garlic, after pounding the juice, administer once, once a day, for 2 to 3 times.

(5) The white and sticky secretions of pig feces are the characteristics of intestinal inflammation

The pathogen is the swine transmissible gastroenteritis virus of the coronavirus family, which mainly exists in the mucosa of the jejunum, duodenum and ileum. It can also be found in the mucosa of the nasal cavity, trachea, lung and tonsils, submandibular and mesenteric lymph nodes, etc. Out of the virus.

The virus is sensitive to sunlight and heat, and is resistant to trypsin and pig bile. Common disinfectants can easily kill it.

Atropine is injected for treatment, 2-4 mg per head; for severely ill pigs, the Houhai point can be blocked. Or use amikacin sodium or norfloxacin (in normal amounts), intramuscular injection, and oral bismuth hyponitrite 2-6g or tannin protein 2-4mg, activated carbon 2-5g.

The above are the diseases that can be judged by pig manure. Cleaning the pig house is one of our daily tasks. When cleaning, we should pay more attention to the pig excrement and find the disease as early as possible to treat it in time to ensure that the breeding efficiency is not damaged.

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