What are the key points of pig breeding in autumn?

Autumn is the golden period for pig raising. At this stage, the pigs get fat faster. If the farmers can pay attention to the following points during the feeding process, they can obtain higher economic benefits. 

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1. Pay attention to cold protection

From the scorching heat to the cool autumn, the temperature drops significantly, and the temperature difference between day and night reaches 10 ℃, which will have a certain impact on the growth of pigs. At this time, appropriate measures should be taken to control the temperature in the pig house and master the most suitable temperature for big pigs and piglets.

(1) Specific measures

①Repair doors and windows to prevent air leakage. Use grass thatch or plastic film for coverings according to local conditions.

②Put dry grass in the pig house to prevent wet bedding.

③If conditions permit, you can use heating, infrared light bulbs or build a greenhouse in the corner of the pig house to avoid wind. The size of the greenhouse depends on the number of pigs.

(2) Specific method

Build a wall about 1 meter high, leave a small door for pigs to enter and exit freely, cover the upper part with grass, and spread hay inside. If there are no conditions, you can use measures such as covering plastic sheeting and firing stove to keep the pig house at a suitable environmental temperature.  

2. Adjust feed nutrition

In autumn pig raising, in addition to strengthening conventional feed management, it is also necessary to do a good job in the reserve and fattening of pig feed. With the advent of autumn and winter, it is necessary to adjust the feed formula and increase the nutrition of the feed. The focus is to increase the energy feed and increase the feed intake of pigs. Increase the ratio of corn (2388, 5.00, 0.21%) in the feed to more than 60%, and add 1% vegetable oil if possible, so that it can be more suitable for the growth of pigs.  

3. Strengthen territorial epidemic prevention

According to the epidemic characteristics of infectious diseases, large-scale infectious diseases are prone to occur in autumn. Due to the variable temperature, it is easy to induce disease in pigs. Therefore, the epidemic prevention work must be done in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations, focusing on preventing swine pneumonia, swine fever, swine erysipelas, swine pneumonia, and swine flu. In addition, we must also pay attention to preventing erythrocytosis, swine cold, and swine streptococcus. , The occurrence of infectious gastroenteritis and other diseases. Farmers also need to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of the pig house. Generally, the house is cleaned once a day and disinfected once every three days to avoid bacterial growth.  

4. Pay attention to the ventilation of the pig house

While keeping the pig house warm, attention should be paid to ventilation to prevent air pollution. The most effective measure for ventilation is to open a vent on the ceiling. However, the ventilation should be controlled, with more ventilation on sunny days and less ventilation on cloudy and rainy days. The time should be selected for ventilation when the temperature is higher. Generally, the period from 10 am to 3 pm is the best time for ventilation.

5. Strictly prevent feed poisoning

In autumn pig raising, in addition to strengthening conventional feed management, it is also necessary to do a good job of feed storage and fattening. Due to the rainy autumn, if the green fodder is harvested too much and improperly stored and processed, it is prone to mold and rotten. The nitrate contained in the grass will form highly toxic nitrite if it is accumulated for too long. Asphyxiate death due to oxygen, so pay special attention.

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