How many pigs can be considered a large-scale farm in China?

In recent months, due to the increase in pig prices, many people have joined the pig raising army. Although they may be affected by African swine fever, pig farmers have not flinched. But do you know what the construction standards for large-scale pig farms are? How many pigs can be considered a large-scale farm?  

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1. Construction standards for large-scale pig farms    

The construction standards of large-scale pig farms are different in each region. Provinces can combine the industrial development foundation and construction needs; according to the investment scale in the central budget, determine the construction quantity according to local conditions, and scientifically set the graded subsidy standard.     

2. How many pigs are raised as a scale pig farm?

(1) There are currently many pig farms in China. There are 3000-3500 large pig farms with an annual output of more than 10,000 heads. If you want to apply for subsidy funds, the competition is fierce and it is difficult for small pig farms to obtain subsidies. Larger. For a large pig farm with 10,000 heads of slaughter, the one-off subsidy fund of 500,000 to 5 million yuan allocated by the central government may range from 50 to 500 yuan per pig.  

(2) In terms of profit and loss, if calculated based on the current profit of RMB 1,545 per pig, a large pig farm with an annual output of 10,000 heads can make a profit of approximately RMB 15.45 million per year. The subsidy standard of 5 million yuan, plus local government subsidies, can still cover the 20 million to 30 million yuan of breeding costs invested before the first profit.  

This is the introduction of large-scale pig farms. In general, the specific standards for large-scale pig raising can be determined according to the region. It is important to find relevant departments to understand clearly before breeding. I hope this article will help you.  

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