Piglets excrete while eating, they may have these diseases

It is believed that many farmers have seen piglets excrete while eating, and there are no other obvious symptoms. Therefore, many farmers do not take this as a normal phenomenon. In fact, it is not that farmers must be vigilant and pay attention to prevention when they find this phenomenon.

Piglets excrete while eating because their digestive function is not perfect, and the food cannot be completely absorbed after entering the gastrointestinal tract. If the conditioning is not good, the food supplied is not suitable, and the external conditions are stimulated excrete phenomenon.   

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1. The piglets may be caused by the following diseases:

(1) Milk addiction

Piglets during lactation, due to lack of milk or weaning prematurely, cause not to eat enough, hungry but not hungry, causing gastrointestinal and digestive dysfunction disorder.

(2) Pivot

Piglets love to eat something that cannot be digested, such as long-term feeding of unsoaked bran, the feces pulled out have a sour flavor, and the piglets like to eat, but they cannot digest it after eating and can only continue to excrete it.

(3) Dyspepsia

Long-term dyspepsia, lack of stomach acid in the gastrointestinal tract of piglets, food can not fully rot, nutrients can not be completely decomposed and absorbed, often accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract, and automatically drain out after satiety.

(4) Nutritional deficiencies

Single feed, lack of green feed and fermented feed, pigs fed with dried sweet potato are the most prone to this disease, which will cause the digestive function of piglets to deteriorate, causing them to eat while pulling.

(5) Parasitic diseases

Can cause loss of appetite, low back pain, large stomach, and abnormal bowel movements. The piglets suffering from this disease mostly show large feed intake, slow growth and poor waist.

2. Control measures can be adopted:

(1) Feed should be nutritionally complete

Feed more green feed or fermented feed, and add salt, fish meal, bone meal, etc. as appropriate.   

(2) Prevention and treatment of anorexia

Mix 1000 grams of wheat bran, 1000 grams of cornmeal, and 50 grams of yeast, add water, ferment and dry to grind into a fine powder, mix it into the feed and feed the piglets twice a day, 5-10 grams each time, which can effectively prevent piglets from eating addiction.

(3) Ensure adequate breastfeeding

Add more protein-containing feeds to the sows, such as soy milk, bean cakes, green and succulent feeds, and drink plenty of water to ensure that you drink enough milk during lactation.

(4) Pay attention to feeding

 Avoid feeding raw, cold, and rancid feed. If you insist on feeding, you must cooked and conditioned well, and then you can feed after confirming that it is harmless; feed regularly and quantitatively, and don't get too full.

(5) Treatment of indigestion

Feed the piglets with 2 to 3 ml of 10% diluted hydrochloric acid into the feed, twice a day for 5 to 7 days.

(6) Time to drive roundworms

After one day of fasting, the next morning on an empty stomach, each piglet puts 0.1 g of refined trichlorfon according to body weight/kg (the total dose is not more than 10 g), or uses ascaris, according to the instructions, or levamisole hydrochloride, press 6 mg per kg of body weight, one injection of the solution.

3. What kind of feed is suitable for piglets? The following is the recommended formula for piglet self-made feed

Widely used wholesale pig feed machine

The use of self-made feed for raising pigs can reduce the feeding cost. The weight of piglets should be reasonably matched, because different weights of piglets will have corresponding formulated feeds, so that the piglets will grow faster. When formulating feed, we must pay attention to the amount of feed intake and feed volume of the piglet, and nutrition should be comprehensive. The nutrients between the complex vitamins and complex probiotics of the piglet are mutually supplemented, thereby improving its nutritional value. Now we introduce the piglet self-ingredients to everyone, hoping to provide help to the majority of farmers.

(1) Self-proportioning of 5-10 kg piglet feed:

Corn 50.5, soybean meal 16.0%, fish meal 5.0%, plasma protein powder 5.0%, whey powder 15.0%, soybean oil 3.0%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.9%, stone powder 1.0%, lysine 0.3%, table salt 0.3%, citric acid 1.7 %, Weinuo piglet multidimensional 0.1%, Weinuo Qingqing Duo Mine 0.1%, Weinuo compound probiotic 0.1%

(2) 10-20 kg piglet feed self-proportioning:

Corn 59.9%, soybean meal 24.0%, bran 5%, fish meal 4.0%, soybean oil 2.0%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.8%, stone powder 1.0%, lysine 0.2%, table salt 0.3%, citric acid 1.5%, Vino piglet 0.1%%, Weinuo Qingqing Mine 0.1%, Wei Nuo compound probiotics 0.1%.

(3) 10-30 kg piglet feed self-proportioning:

a. Corn flour 50.7%, bean cake 20%, millet (sorghum rice) 13.6%, fish meal 6%, wheat bran 5%, sugar 4%, salt 0.4%, Weinuo piglet multidimensional 0.1%, Weinuo mildew mine 0.1% , Vino compound probiotics 0.1%.

b. Corn 60%, rapeseed cake 14%, pea 13%, soybean 6%, silkworm kidney 5%, bone meal 1.4%, table salt 0.3%, Weinuo piglet multidimensional 0.1%%, Weinuo Qingqing Ore 0.1%, Vino compound probiotics 0.1%.

Piglets in different growth stages require different nutrients. In order to improve the conversion rate of feed, proper addition of compound probiotics can effectively reduce the occurrence of intestinal diseases in piglets, make the intestine healthier and better absorb nutrients, and multi-dimensional supplements for piglets Multi-vitamin vitamins, promote growth, anti-stress, enhance physical fitness, increase economic benefits, so that piglets are nutritious and grow healthily.

4. How to process piglet pellet feed?

(1)Piglet Feed Pellet Processing Line Technology


(2)Main Equipment Related to Complete Piglet Feed Pellet Production Making Plant

pig feed hammer mill - pig feed mixer - pig feed pellet mill - cooler- crumbler - rotary screener - bagging scale - control system

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