How to do a good job in the green construction of pig farms?

Doing a good job of greening the pig farm has a great effect and significance in improving the microclimate of the pig farm. It can purify about 25% to 40% of harmful gases and absorb about 50% of dust. It can also reduce noise, prevent epidemics, and prevent heatstroke. So how to do a good job in the green construction of pig farms?

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During the pig production process, it can often cause a lot of dust in the air in the house, and pathogenic microorganisms harmful to pigs are attached to the dust. The dust in the pig house poses a direct threat to animal health. Therefore, the dust in the air is One of the root causes of swine respiratory diseases and infectious diseases spread through the respiratory tract. Dust landing on pigs can cause skin itching and inflammation, reducing the heat dissipation capacity of the skin; Dust falling on the conjunctiva can cause conjunctivitis; Dust inhaled in the animal's respiratory tract, causing droplet infection, common pig respiratory infections Diseases, such as swine asthma, swine atrophic rhinitis, swine infectious pleurisy, etc., are all infected through the respiratory tract through airborne dust. Due to the dust in the pig house and the number of pathogenic microorganisms, the number of microorganisms in the air in the pig house is much higher than that in the atmosphere.

Trees are a kind of natural dust collector, because they have a unique interception, filtration, adsorption and adhesion retention effect on dust. A leaf can absorb dust several times its own weight. Pine trees, poplar trees, locust trees, chrysanthemum trees and other trees all have strong dust collection ability. After being washed by rain, the dust-collecting trees can continue to play a role in dust removal.   

Trees can adjust the temperature, through shading, reducing radiation, reducing wind speed, intercepting precipitation, transpiration and other effects to adjust the temperature, can form a comfortable and pleasant microclimate. At the same time, trees can purify the air, which has the function of absorbing harmful and toxic substances in the atmosphere, filtering the air, and purifying the air.  

Different pig farms have a variety of trees inside and outside the fence of the pig farm according to their own site conditions. For pig farms with conditions, it is best to plant a 5-10 meter wide isolation forest outside the farm area. It is generally required to plant sidewalk trees on both sides of the road in the pig farm, and plant fast-growing, tall deciduous trees (such as metasequoia, poplar, etc.) between each pig house. Planting trees in the field area should take into account the height of the trunk and the size of the canopy, and prevent the wind from the hot weather and the shading in the cold weather. Vegetables, flowers, and shrubs should be planted all over the open land in the field.

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