Why the feed mill plants have same feed formula, different products? The reason is here!

Why are the feed products produced with the same feed formula different? The reason is here! 

A good feed formula is not necessarily really good for animal feed mill plants. It depends on 8 factors that affect product quality: formula design, raw material quality, production technology, processing accuracy, site management, quality control, warehouse management, and transportation management. Without any link, it is difficult to meet product design standards! Formula has a huge impact on production efficiency and production costs.

In the medical field, there is such a strange phenomenon: why the same prescription has miraculous effects in ancient times, but it repeatedly fails in modern times? In animal feed plants, there is also the same strange phenomenon: the same formula, but the products produced Not the same!

maize and animal feed processing ndustry in uganda

We know that products are market-oriented, and the emergence of a product has to go through five steps: The first step is market research, that is, what kind of product the market needs (the characteristics of the product), and the main tasks that need to be completed It is market positioning, product positioning, marketing planning, etc.; the second step is product development, that is, the use of technical means to meet market demand and design the target product. The main work that needs to be completed is the design of the formula and the determination of the production process; the third step It is manufacturing, that is, the use of established process equipment to transform raw materials from formula design into products; the fourth step is marketing, that is, the characteristics and economic performance of the product are reflected through the feeding results; the fifth step is feedback investigation, which needs to be completed The main task is to investigate whether the product design has achieved the expected purpose of product design and the follow-up work of market promotion after product promotion. 

Through a brief analysis of this process, it is not difficult for us to understand why there are sometimes certain differences between the formula and the product: The theoretical formula requires a production process to be converted into a product, which is affected by the quality of raw materials, production technology, equipment accuracy, and site The influence of management, quality control, and warehouse management. Even if the same formula is used, products of different quality will be produced. Therefore, "a good feed formula is not necessarily a good product" is inevitable! For this phenomenon, we call it "formula Production conversion rate".

There are many factors that affect the conversion rate of formula production, the most important of which is the compatibility of the formula, production process and equipment. This sentence has two meanings: First, the design of the formula and the selection of raw materials must be suitable for the established The production process and equipment. Second, the specific formula must be transformed into the target product by professional production process and equipment. That is to say, the stronger the suitability between the feed formula and the feed line manufacturing process and feed making equipment, the higher the formula conversion rate. On the contrary, the farther the product will be from the formula standard.

Take China as an example. In the early stage of the development of China's feed industry, limited to the impact of product quality, market demand and business philosophy, people did not pay attention to this detail. At present, many feed mill factories have a single production line to prepare multiple varieties and specifications , Which not only brought great pressure to production, but also caused great hidden dangers to product quality; however, as the process of market and product segmentation accelerates, as customers' requirements for product quality increase, professional production and single Product structure has become the mainstream of the production and development of feed enterprises, and the segmentation of products and markets has become increasingly urgent to require the harmony and unity of feed formulas, animal feed production processes and animal feed processing equipment.

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