How can sheep fatten quickly? Recommended formula feed for fatten sheep!

The purpose of fattening is to obtain high-quality mutton and achieve maximum economic benefits. So, what is the fastest way to fatten sheep? How to fatten fast? This article introduces the methods of fast fattening of sheep and recommends the formula of fattening sheep for your reference.

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1. What is the fastest way to fatten sheep?

(1) Choose high-quality male sheep for meat

In the case of using Dorper sheep, Suffolk sheep or Australian white sheep crop male parents, the feed conversion rate, growth rate and meat yield rate of the first hybrid sheep have been significantly improved. With the improvement of hybrid generation, all aspects of advantages will become more prominent, but the reproduction rate of ewes will decline to a certain extent. On the whole, the benefit of fattening sheep with 2~3 generations of hybrid sheep can be maximized.

(2) Pay attention to feeding

Sheep have different nutritional requirements at various stages, and only by meeting their nutritional requirements can the growth rate be accelerated. 45 to 90 days of age belong to the growth period of the sheep skeleton, and attention should be paid to the supplement of protein feed and calcium; 90 to 150 days of age belong to the upper fat stage, and attention should be paid to the supplement of energy feed and protein feed.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the palatability of the feed to increase the feed intake of the sheep. The coarse feed can be processed by crushing, silage, etc., and mixing the refined coarse feed with appropriate water when feeding.

(3) Focus on management

Attach importance to and strengthen the control of the sheep house environment, flock immunity and health care, and try to create a good growth and living environment for the sheep to reduce the incidence of disease. To ensure that the flock achieves high reproduction rate, high survival rate and rapid growth, while reducing the use of antibiotics and other drugs.

2. Recommended sheep fattening feed formula

(1) 60-75 kg fattening sheep feed formula

Corn 63.5%, soybean meal 15%, flax cake 15%, baking soda 1.5%, premix 5%

(2) 75-90 kg fattening sheep feed formula

Corn 65.5%, soybean meal 13%, flax cake 15%, baking soda 1.5%, premix 5%

(3) feed formula for 90 kg fattening sheep

Corn 66%, soybean meal 10%, flax cake 17%, baking soda 2%, premix 5%

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