Formulation and preparation principles of river crab feed

What should I feed for raising crabs? In order to raise big crabs and good crabs, what kind of carb pellet feed is best? This is a primary problem faced by friends who have just come into contact with river crab farming. The following Richi Machinery will give a brief answer to this question.

River crabs have low metabolic capacity for sugar and high demand for protein. The level of feed protein, the ratio of animal and plant protein all directly affect the crab's feed intake, growth rate and feed utilization. Because the protein it uses is basically protein, so crab crab feed is also called protein feed.

river carb fish feed pellet mill machine

In the processing of river crab feed, the raw material is required to have a finer degree of crushing, and the river crab feed requires more than 95% to reach 80 mesh. Doing so is conducive to improving the absorption of nutrients and the formation rate of feed pellets. River crabs use two giant clams to feed the feed into the chewing machine and grind it before entering the mouth. Therefore, the time for the feed to dissolve in the water must be more than 2 hours. In addition to the use of binders to improve the stability in water, river crab feed also requires an attractant used to stimulate animal appetite, increase feed intake, and promote growth, and an antioxidant to prevent oil oxidation.

Feed formula for river crabs:

1. Preparation of young crab feed: imported fish meal 25%, bone meal 3%, fermented blood meal 15%, yeast powder 2%, bean cake powder 22%, mineral additives 2%, cotton seed cake powder 10%, multi-vitamin 0.1%, wheat bran 11%, molting 0.1%, corn flour 9%. Vegetable oil 0.8%.

2. Preparation of adult crab feed: imported fish meal 18%, defatted silkworm pupa powder 10%, yeast powder 4%, shrimp shell powder 11%, bean cake powder 20%, peanut powder 12%, corn flour 6%, wheat bran 11%, vegetable oil 1%, compound vitamin 0.2%, calcium dihydrogen phosphate 2.4%, calcium lactate 0.4%, premix 4%.

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