The use method and precautions of suckling pig teach slot feed

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1. Teaching the important role of teach slot feed

The use of teach slot feed can increase the piglet's weaning weight, and supplement the nutritional needs of the piglet for rapid growth and development, and supplement the nutritional gap caused by insufficient breast milk, so that the piglet can grow and gain weight normally, thereby Increase the piglet's weaning weight, because piglets with heavier weaning weight grow faster after weaning and have better health. It can also shorten the weaning time of the piglets, thereby improving the reproductive efficiency of the sow; the use of teach slot feed can improve the adaptability of the piglets to the feed, so that the piglets learn to chew and swallow the feed, which can effectively help the piglets eat the feed as soon as possible. Play a role in promoting the recovery of digestive enzymes in piglets, so that piglets can quickly adapt to changes in feed, reduce indigestion due to the rapid reduction of digestive enzymes during weaning, and reduce the occurrence of weaning stress; using teach slot feed can promote piglets The development of digestive structure.

2. Main problems in production and use

Teach slot feed is currently a product that feed manufacturers pay more attention to, but some manufacturers only pursue the one-sided function of teaching trough material, and the products produced cannot meet actual production needs. For example, in order to control piglet diarrhea, some manufacturers add drugs to the feeding trough. Although the diarrhea can be controlled, they ignore the pig's later growth and drug sensitivity. Some pig farms only use the smell of the feeding trough. Color and other external senses are used to evaluate the quality of the feed. This is all one-sided, and some even use some illegal raw materials to meet the one-sided requirements of the pig producers for the feed. To teach the quality of teach slot should use scientific methods combined with the actual use effects. It is extremely unscientific to evaluate one aspect in a one-sided manner. The feed intake of a good teach slot should be increased after the piglets are used. The suckling pigs show a preference for food, good digestion and absorption, a low incidence of nutritional diarrhea, a high feed conversion rate, and a continuous increase in growth rate.

3. Nutritional requirements

The suckling pig grows fast, the digestive system is not well developed, and the immunity is low, and the body temperature regulation ability is poor. This makes the piglets easy to have nutritional diarrhea when they eat feed other than breast milk. Its own growth and development and health, so when preparing and using the teach slot feed, it should be based on the pig breed and the digestive and physiological characteristics of the suckling pig, combined with the nutritional standards, the source and quality of the raw materials. It is necessary to choose high-quality raw materials, and the raw materials must have high digestibility, contain less allergenic factors, and contain a large amount of nutrients that can promote the health of the piglet's intestines. They have good palatability, rich nutrition, comprehensive, and balanced ratio. It is easy to digest and absorb. Generally, high-quality teach slot feed is a safe, economical and efficient product made up of dozens of composite materials.

At present, there are four types of teach slot feeds commonly used in production: granular, powder, liquid and broken. Among them, pellet feeds are the most commonly used type in actual production, while liquid feeds are used less frequently. Trial on some pig farms. In the production, when using the teach slot feed, 100% addition is generally used, and sufficient and clean drinking water is added when using it. Some pig farms use different proportions of premix or concentrated material in order to reduce production costs. In any case, you must pay attention to the actual situation of the farm, and use it scientifically on the premise of reducing production costs and improving breeding efficiency. If you blindly reduce the cost without considering the actual situation of the pig farm, use inappropriate teach slot feeds. However, it will increase the cost of breeding, and the gain is not worth the loss.

4. Processing method

Animal feed mill factories must do a good job of quality control when producing teach slot feeds, which is one of the key factors to ensure high-quality feed. There must be good raw material and quality control and processing technology to ensure the processing. When processing pellets, pay attention to the pelleting temperature, conditioning time, and pellet hardness. If the feed is too hard, it will affect the palatability. When processing raw materials, such as crushing by pig feed hammer mill grinder machine, pelletizing by pig feed pellet making machine, mixing by pig powder feed mixing machine, etc., pay attention to operations so as not to affect the quality of feed. The particle size of pig pellet feed will also affect its digestibility.

5. How to use?

The use time of the teach slot feed is determined by the management of each pig farm according to the conditions of the farm. Generally, suckling pigs are from birth to 4 weeks of age, and the feed used at this stage is the teach slot feed. Take China as an example. Most pig farms in China start using it 7-10 days after piglets are born. The normal method should be used to let the piglets eat the teach slot feed. The use of the teach slot feed should go through the food recognition stage, the feeding stage and the prosperous food stage.

In the food recognition stage, it is generally 7 to 14 days old. In this stage, the feed intake is very small and the piglets hardly eat any feed. The main purpose is to familiarize the suckling pig with the feed. Feed a small amount every day for lure; allow the piglets to eat freely during the feeding stage, and put in feed regularly to allow the pigs to eat enough feed. Pay attention to keeping the feed fresh and clean up the remaining before each addition. To avoid contaminating the fresh feed; the prosperous feeding stage refers to the period from 5 days before weaning to 7-10 days after weaning. In this stage, piglets undergo weaning and weaning stress will occur.

In addition, changes in feed will cause digestive enzymes in the body, it is easy to a decrease in digestive enzymes in the body. Therefore, pay attention to the situation of piglet diarrhea. When feeding the teach slot feed, add a small amount of feed frequently to maximize the feed intake. You can feed 6 times a day and feed in the teach slot. After successful feeding, it can gradually transition to nursery feed 10 to 14 days after weaning. Ensure that there is sufficient and clean drinking water during use. When using the teach slot feed, pay attention to the preservation of the teach slot feed. If the feed is not used up after unsealing, the bag should be tied tightly in time and used before the shelf life to prevent mildew.

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