How to prepare rabbit feed? (Including rabbit pellet feed formula)

The configuration of rabbit feed is far from simple in theory. It needs to be configured according to the different nutritional value of different raw materials and then with reference to the nutritional requirements of different stages of rabbit breeds.

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Example 1: Corn + wheat bran + soybean meal + corn stalks. The main difference is grass meal. The roots of corn stalks contain high calcium and phosphorus. Excessive dosage can easily lead to calcium in rabbit urine (milky white urine). Although the short-term effect is not significant, long-term excessive calcium will affect the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients in the rabbit's body, and it is also prone to reproductive tract problems. Therefore, the amount of corn stalks should be 30%-35%.

Example 2: Corn + soybean meal + wheat bran + peanut seedlings. This is a completely different ratio. After the grass meal is replaced, the nutrition of the peanut seedlings is relatively balanced, and the basic indicators of protein, crude fiber, amino acids, and digestion are good. The dosage can be used up to 40-45%, but it should be noted that peanut seedlings, as a raw material for grass meal, are prone to moldy and deterioration during the harvest season. At the same time, some use of mulch film without a fine sieve may cause problems in the rabbit's digestive tract. Then, rabbit diseases such as abdominal distension and diarrhea occur.

Therefore, when choosing the ratio of the rabbit feed, everyone also needs to consider the characteristics of the raw materials of the rabbit feed. Nutrition is one aspect, and the long-term stability and quality assurance is another aspect. In fact, the above is just an example. There are also raw materials like soybean straw, bran, peanut hull powder, moxa stalk powder, alfalfa powder, weed powder, pasture, etc. The specific rabbit feed configuration needs to be carried out according to the different raw materials. Match. At the same time, after the proportioning of the main ingredients is completed, premixes are required for collocation. Generally, 4% more premixes are used for the configuration of rabbits, so that no other nutrients are added, and it has the effect of disease health care.

Rabbit pellet feed formula

Grass meal 30% 

Wheat 10%

Sunflower meal 15%

Soybean meal 2% 

Premix 2,5% 

Corn 5%

Fish meal 2% 

Meat and bone meal 3% 

Calcium 1% 

Barley 10%

Oat 15%

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