Feeding method and feed formula of quail

Quails often move in the plains, wasteland, creeks and hills where dense wild grass or bushes grow, and sometimes they move near cultivated land. Mainly eat weed seeds, beans, grains and berries, young leaves, young buds, etc., eat a lot of insects and larvae in summer, and small invertebrates. Distributed in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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1.Feed formula for quail

Different quail growth period compound feed. The feed formula for 1~35 days old is: bean cake 25%, fish meal 15%, drum skin 4.5%, bone meal 1.5% mature quail feed formula: corn 55.5%, bean cake 22%, fish meal 14%, bone meal 2%, Sophora powder 6.5%.

2. Feeding method of quail:

(1)Dry feeding method: compound feed, additives, etc. can be mixed and placed in the feed trough. This feeding method saves time and labor, and the feed does not deteriorate.

(2)Wet feeding method: Mix the ingredients with green material, water, etc. and mix it into loose wet material. This method has good palatability, convenient feeding, and can make full use of local agricultural and sideline products, but it is easy to deteriorate in summer, and the trough needs to be washed frequently.

(3)Dry and wet feeding method: The advantages of the two methods are combined to take advantage of the shortcomings, but the trough must be sufficient, otherwise there will be food competition.

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