What should be paid attention to in pig farm management?

1. Grouping and training: reasonable grouping and timely training.

Establish a stable social order and emphasize three-point positioning.     

The purpose of grouping: make full use of the housing conditions, improve labor productivity, and promote pigs’ appetite and weight gain.     

Precautions should be taken when paralleling the columns: spray disinfectant before the paralleling, not combining at night and day, and fasting before the paralleling is better; dismantling more but not dismantling less, not big or small; turning to the same after merging, etc. It can be kept in the original pen if possible to minimize stress.    

How to adjust and three-point positioning? Three-point positioning refers to three-point positioning for feeding, excretion, and lying down. Conditioned reflexes can be formed through training.

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2. Moderate group size and stocking density

10-20 heads per circle, covering an area of ​​0.8-1.0 square meters per head. The danger of over-density? Social order is difficult to establish, fights last for a long time, there are many harmful gases, and there is a lot of dust and poor hygiene.   

3. Do a good job in epidemic prevention and deworming

Implement a prevention-oriented policy, formulate reasonable immunization procedures, and regularly disinfect and deworm. Pay attention to check the health of the pig herd, get out of the slaughter in time, and clean and disinfect the empty slaughter.    

4. Provide clean drinking water

In line with hygienic standards, using automatic drinking fountains; insufficient drinking water, loss of appetite, and even disease.    

Do a good job of feed transition: In the process of changing feed, pay attention to the digestion of pigs to ensure normal production.

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