How to deal with the waste of the pig farm so that it will not be polluted again?

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1. Wastes are harmful to pig farms 

There are a large number of harmful microorganisms, parasites, carbohydrates, and carbon compounds in untreated pig farm waste. Carbohydrates decompose into water and carbon dioxide under aerobic conditions, and decompose into methane, organic acids, alcohols, etc. under anaerobic conditions. Carbon-containing compounds are mainly proteins, which decompose into nitrates under aerobic conditions, and decompose into ammonia, sulfides, methane, etc. under anaerobic conditions.

① Nitrate can be converted into nitrite. Excessive nitrite in water can cause death of pigs.

② Harmful gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and ammonia entering the air will have a foul smell and stimulate the respiratory tract of pigs, causing respiratory diseases and lowering the productivity of pigs.

③ Harmful microorganisms and parasites may become the source of infection of certain diseases under suitable conditions.

2. Pig farm waste treatment

Pig farm waste treatment We should start from the aspects of reducing waste generation, reasonable treatment, and construction of treatment facilities.

(1) Reduce waste

①The pig feed should adopt a reasonable formula to improve the absorption efficiency of protein and other nutrients, and reduce the emission of nitrogen and the production of feces.

②Take dry manure removal method to reduce the number of times of washing pig house with water.

③Two sets of drainage systems for sewage and rainwater.

④ Greening the pig farm to reduce the concentration of air exhaust gas.

(2) Pig farm waste treatment method

①The pig manure treatment methods include biogas digester fermentation, stacking, and septic tanks.

②Sewage treatment methods: natural precipitation and coagulation treatment (commonly used coagulants include alum, sand filtration, and constructed wetlands. 

Natural precipitation is mainly to make sewage particles sink and microorganisms decompose the organic matter in the sewage. Commonly used coagulants for mixed back treatment are alum, ferrous sulfate, aluminum sulfate, and ferric chloride.

Sand filter is mainly the sewage through the sand layer, so that the microorganisms and suspended matter in the sewage are blocked on the sand layer to purify the sewage.

Constructed wetlands are mainly artificially planted aquatic plants to decompose organic matter and purify sewage.

③Sick and dead pigs should be treated in a harmless manner (such as corpse tank, incineration, deep burial).

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(3) Precautions for waste disposal

① There must be fixed locations and facilities for waste disposal.

②There are fixed vehicles and aisles for fecal disposal.

③The manure in the pig house should be cleaned up in time to reduce the harmful gas and pathogenic microorganisms in the pig house.

④The waste transportation tools shall be cleaned each time they are transported to the storage point and returned.

⑤ The waste transportation aisles and storage points should be cleaned and disinfected at a fixed time.

⑥ The sewage ditch should not be exposed outside when passing under the ground, and should not pass through the middle of other pig houses.

⑦Veterinary medicine and vaccine bottles should be boiled, incinerated, buried and other harmless treatments according to their respective properties.

⑧Sick and dead pigs should be dealt with in time, and it is strictly forbidden to discard or sell them randomly.

⑨ Make a record of the handling of sick and dead pigs.

⑩ If there is a corpse tank, acid or alkali should be strengthened regularly to accelerate the decay of the corpse.

⑪Waste treatment facilities should be built in the isolation area of ​​the pig farm in the downwind and crosswind directions, and the facilities should have anti-seepage technology to prevent water pollution from infiltration of dirt.

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