Green plant feed production making method

chicken alfalfa hay animal feed pellet line

1. The basic feedstock for livestock uses corn stalks, straw, peanut vines, and sweet potato vines as the main raw materials. To make this kind of green plant feed, you only need to harvest, wash, dry, and crush the straw or vines in time. This type of feed is the basic feed for herbivorous animals and is mainly used for feeding dairy cows, beef cattle and herbivorous fish. When feeding, 40% to 60% of the total feed can be added, or whole feed can be fed. Adding about 40% corn stover powder or rice straw powder to fish feed can reduce feed costs by half.

2. Feed additives take fresh corn stalks, rye grass, alfalfa, peanut leaves, sweet potato leaves, paulownia leaves, etc. as the main raw materials, which are dried in time and crushed. This kind of green plant feed is a pollution-free additive. Because it is processed when it is fresh and tender, it is rich in nutrients and can replace part of the additives in the feed. It has a good effect on promoting the development of livestock and poultry. Feeding livestock, poultry and fish at a rate of 50% of the total feed, the price is less than half that of corn, while the content of amino acids, vitamins, and crude protein are 1 to 3 times higher than that of corn, with an average food saving of 40% to 50% , to reduce breeding costs by 30%.

Customize your green plant feed production processing line:

1.Rabbit feed production line

2.cattle feed pellet processing plant

3.Pig feed pellet making plant

4.poultry chicken feed pellet making plant feed pellet processing line

6.shrimp feed processing line

7.animal sheep feed alfalfa pellet production plant

8.Camel pellet feed line

9.Premix feed production line

10.Horse pellet feed line


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