When is it reasonable to open silage?

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Entering the winter, the farms began to feed cattle and sheep with silage, which is an indispensable high-quality feed for cattle and sheep.Today,Richi Machinery will tell you the following principles should be followed in choosing the opening time and the method of silage:

1. Choose a reasonable time for cellar opening. After 30-40 days of anaerobic fermentation, the cellar can be opened after the silage is completed. Under normal circumstances, opening the cellar before and after the beginning of winter is more conducive to the preservation of the whole cellar silage and the quality of the silage;

2. Choose a reasonable method of access. The silage must be taken every day once the cellar is opened, and care must be taken to prevent the infiltration of freezing, rain and snow. At the same time, pay attention to section opening and section access. Each section shall be used in layers from top to bottom. Pay attention to avoid opening the whole cellar and dig out holes to reduce the contact between unused silage in the cellar and air. , To prevent fungi and other bacteria from harming silage;

3. Choose a reasonable amount to take. Under normal circumstances, farmers should adhere to the principle of taking silage on demand every day, taking as much as needed, and the thickness of grass removed every day should not be less than 20 cm to ensure its quality;

4. Choose a reasonable storage method. Farmers must pay attention to covering the open section of the silage with plastic film in time after taking out the silage they need every day to prevent dust, rain and snow from falling in and a large amount of air entering to ensure the quality of the silage.

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