China will promote the development of mulberry leaf feed and reduce soybean imports

Recently, the first Silkworm Economic Forum was held in Beijing. Many experts said at the forum that vigorously promoting the development of mulberry feed can solve China's problem of relying on grain as feed, greatly reducing the pressure on imported soybeans and other feed grains, and is conducive to ecological environmental protection and farmers' income increase.

animal feed mulberry leaf pellet production plant for sale

Which feed production lines can mulberry leaves be used for?

1.Rabbit feed production line

2.Cattle feeding plant

3.Pig feed pellet making plant

4.Turnkey chicken feed line for pellet

5.Fish feed pellet making plant

6.Shrimp feed processing line

7.Sheep feed processing plant

8.Camel pellet feed manufacturing line

9.Premix feed production line

10.Horse pellet feed line


Experts from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences said that research has shown that mulberry leaves have many advantages over conventional feed crops as feed. What are the advantages of mulberry leaves as feed?

1. Good nutritional performance.

Compared with the recognized good feed alfalfa, the protein content per kilogram of mulberry leaf powder is more than 10% higher than that of alfalfa powder. The carbohydrate content is more than 30%. Crude fiber is less than 50%, crude fat is less than 10%, and it is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, mulberry leaves are recognized as potential high-quality feed by animal husbandry experts.

2. Good economic performance.

The yield and feed rate of mulberry leaves are significantly higher than similar crops. The industrial output per unit area is higher than that of alfalfa, Robinia pseudoacacia, and poplar leaves, and mulberry leaves are also 4%-10% higher than that of alfalfa and poplar leaves. According to the determination of experts, one hectare of mulberry garden can produce 2500 kg of plant protein, which is 3.6 times that of soybean. Using mulberry leaves to replace part of the concentrated feed for raising cattle and pigs can increase the slaughter rate by 3%-4%. Laying hens and eggs lay eggs Peak hours can be increased by 20%-30%.

3. Good social performance.

The mulberry-fed poultry, livestock and aquatic products are nutritionally neutralized, rich in calcium, zinc, tin and other elements and vitamins, and the residue of harmful substances is far below the national green food limit. At the same time, mulberry trees have great potential for development in hilly mountainous areas and saline-alkali beaches, do not occupy basic farmland, and can effectively relieve the pressure of population resources.

animal feed mulberry leaf pellet production plant for sale

4. Good ecological performance.

Mulberry has a strong adaptability to the environment, can conserve water sources, reduce soil erosion, and has ecological management functions such as wind and sand fixation, field protection and soil protection, and air purification.

As a tree species native to China, mulberry has a strong adaptability. From the north to Heilongjiang, the south to Hainan Island, the east to Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and the west to Xinjiang, there are mulberry planting and mulberry related industries, which shows that all parts of China can develop feed mulberry Leaf industry. Mulberry is an economic tree species that can be used for greening, economic tree species, fruit trees, etc. The branches can be woven into baskets, the mulberry bark can be used for paper making, and the mulberry can be eaten.

Especially for raising mulberry and raising silkworm, it has been inherited in China for more than 5,500 years. However, the amount of mulberry leaves used in the sericulture industry currently accounts for only a small portion, and a large amount of mulberry leaves cause waste of resources. At the same time, due to changes in the consumption structure of residents, the demand for feed grains is increasing, especially the shortage of protein feed is more prominent, leading to soybean imports. The amount continues to increase. Therefore, it is of practical significance to develop the mulberry leaf feed value and explore its economic value.

China imports 80-90 million tons of soybeans every year. If feed mulberry is developed, the import of soybeans can be greatly reduced, and mulberry trees are easy to cultivate, easy to plant, easy to live and easy to manage, have a long history, and the masses are accustomed to recognition. In summary, mulberry leaves are a good animal feed.

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