Richi Machinery‘s Customized Service

Richi Machinery has gone through 25 years so far, and its international influence has been continuously improved. Richi is a high-speed development enterprise integrating feed machinery and engineering, grain storage, biomass machinery and engineering. Founded in 1995, it has 2 subsidiary factories and more than 10 service organizations at home and abroad.

easy to use China animal feed pellet mill machine

Richi Machinery specializes in the development of various feed equipment for agricultural and animal husbandry feed enterprises and breeding plants. It has a strong technical service team, strictly implements the national policy of "anti-resistance and emission reduction", and is good at "combination of formula and technology" , Provide a system-wide solution from "precision formula to product realization".

1. If you have a sales team

According to your market characteristics, customer types, competitors and marketing structure, Richi can tailor your satisfied premix and concentrate products, and provide professional "nanny" style services to help your team succeed.

2. If you have a feed plant

Richi can design formulas according to your raw materials, processes and market requirements, accurately design formula nutrition, and dynamically fine-tune formulas according to changes in time, accurately design distinctive and competitive product portfolios, enhance your brand, save costs and increase benefits .

3. If you have a farm

Richi will accurately design the breeding plan according to your breeding scale, variety, stage, season, market and other characteristics, "private customization" exclusive personalized premix, concentrated material, full price material, to maximize your animal potential and save Breeding costs, improve economic efficiency.

Customize your feed production processing line:

1.Rabbit feed production line

2.Cattle feeding plant

3.Pig feed pellet making plant

4.Chicken poultry feed line for pellet

5.Fish feed pellet making plant

6.Shrimp feed processing line

7.Sheep pellet feed line

8.Camel pellet feed line

9.Premix feed production line

10.Horse pellet feed line

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