Prevention and Control of African Swine Fever——Small And Medium-Sized Feed Mills Need To Do This

In the context of African swine fever, the high profit of pig breeding is based on live pigs. Therefore, improving the health of pigs, enhancing resistance, and improving survival rate are the first. In addition, due to the uncertainty of African swine fever coming to the farm, slaughtering as early as possible can minimize the risk, so it is also very important to make the pigs grow quickly and reach the market weight as soon as possible.

China factory price pig feed for making pellet mill

As the price of suckling pigs rises, suckling pigs account for the cost of raising pigs; suckling piglets have weaker immunity, which is the most important stage that affects the survival rate of pigs; in addition, suckling piglets have greater growth potential, which can lay a solid foundation for later growth and health. Foundation.

Therefore, in this context, the use of creep feeds is particularly important. The small and medium-sized feed enterprises are limited by their own technical strength, and it is difficult to produce and develop teaching materials. It is difficult to solve technical and technological problems. Richi Machinery can provide the most comprehensive guidance for small and medium-sized turn-key pig feed pellet plant to produce creep feeds.

1. Control of raw materials

(1) Selection of raw materials

●Corn selection: Fresh corn is used. Before crushing, the corn must pass through a drum-type cleaning screen (two-layer screen) to screen out broken grains, unfilled grains and dust.

●Extruded soybean powder selection: It must be fresh and preferably used within two weeks.

●Soybean meal selection: Choose peeled soybean meal above 45 to reduce anti-nutritional factors.

●It is best to add broken rice or flour to increase the gelatinization of the feed.

(2) Quality control ensures freshness of raw materials

In terms of quality control of raw materials, not only need to pay attention to raw material receipt and storage inspection indicators, but also should focus on raw material inventory turnover period (raw material storage time), which is precisely the key factor to ensure product quality stability.

2. Choose suitable granulation process for pig feed production line

Due to the different pig process equipment of each pig feed pellet making plant , the professional technical service personnel of Richi will formulate a set of rigorous secondary preparation process parameters for each quality control point of the production of creep feeds according to the specific conditions of each enterprise. , And on-site guidance to help pig feed processing lines or pig farms make stable feed materials.

A good pig feed granulation process, if it is reasonably quality controlled and produced according to the process parameters provided by Richi professionals, will greatly reduce the nutritional loss of heat-sensitive raw materials, improve the starch gelatinization degree, improve the palatability of the feed, and produce creep feeds are brittle but not hard and loose.

manufacturing plant for animal feed

3.Please note when selecting core materials:

(1) In order to ensure the biological safety of pig farms, animal-derived proteins such as plasma and intestinal membrane proteins are discontinued, protein materials with high digestibility and low antigens are valued, and the nutrition input-output ratio is maximized throughout the entire system.

(2) Functional additives containing natural plant extracts, immuno-enhancing agents, micro-ecological preparations, enzyme preparations, etc. can be added and optimized through animal tests to enhance the self-immunity of suckling pigs and improve the health of suckling pig intestines.

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