What are the main reasons for chicken disease?

It is not easy to raise chickens. Among them, chicken disease is the most troublesome problem for chicken farmers, because chicken disease often has a huge impact on the chicken industry. So, what is the root cause of chicken disease in chicken farms? In fact, if it is fundamental, it is nothing more than environment. This word is simple to say, but they also contain many aspects.

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1. Water is very important to the health of chickens.    

A chicken farm has E. coli in almost every batch of chickens, and the chicken farmers are wondering why this is! Later, an expert inspected the drinking water of the chicken farm and found that the local water had been polluted by E. coli for a long time. This is just an extreme example. In fact, if the lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. in the water exceed the standard, or the water is contaminated by some pathogens, it will have a fatal impact on the health of the chickens. Therefore, ensuring healthy water quality is essential for raising chickens.   

2. Gas can also affect the life and death of chickens.     

Human survival needs good air, so everyone hates smog, and chickens do the same. Generally, chicken farmers are more concerned about the ammonia problem in the chicken house. In fact, chicken farms must not only prevent ammonia, but also be careful of other harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide. Especially in winter, the chicken house is relatively airtight in order to keep the chicken farm warm, which will cause a large amount of harmful gas to accumulate. In winter, chickens often suffer from respiratory diseases, sometimes caused by harmful gases. 

3. Be sure to pay attention to temperature when raising chickens.  

Any animal or plant has a temperature requirement for survival, especially chickens. The temperature difference is large, the chickens can't stand it, and then various diarrhea, colds, stress, etc. erupt in the flock. Temperature problems can directly cause the chickens to become ill, they can also affect their recovery after they become ill, and may even directly cause the flocks to die due to stress. Although every chicken farmer knows the importance of temperature, it is often overlooked.    

4. The choice of the chicken farm also affects the health of the chickens.

As for the location of the chicken farm, we have introduced it before. The establishment of a chicken farm in a suitable place is the basis for successful chicken raising. Here we emphasize two points, one is not too close to the village, and the other is not too close to other chicken farms. Otherwise, problems are prone to occur, such as epidemic and cross-infection, human activities affecting chickens, etc.

5. Other factors.     

In addition to water, air, temperature and plant site factors, chicken farmers should also pay attention to the impact of environmental issues such as light, noise and wind speed on the health of the chickens. In short, chicken flock disease is mostly caused by environmental factors. Only when this root factor is resolved, can chicken flock health be guaranteed.

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