How to raise fattening pigs in autumn and winter? Good heat preservation is the key!

How to raise fattening pigs in autumn and winter? Autumn and winter are the hardest and most harmful growth periods for pigs in a year. Once the feeding management fails to keep up, the pigs will stop growing and lose fat, so we must raise the fattening pigs. The following feeding management points are for reference:  

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1.Sterilization of pens 

Before entering pigs, Baiyun Mugang Lanyue Disinfectant should be used to thoroughly clean, wash and disinfect pig houses and eating utensils. Walls should be painted to remove the source of the epidemic and prevent infection.

2.Select and feed hybrid pigs 

Using high-quality boars and local sows for binary or ternary crosses to produce high-quality hybrid pigs for fattening, which can be slaughtered 7-10 days earlier than native-breeding pigs. The feeding rate is high, the meat quality is good, and the economic benefits are good.  

3.castration before education 

It is better to castrate the boars that are fattened around 25 days of age. Small pig has less bleeding and fast healing. Castrated pigs are docile, well managed, and grow fast. Otherwise it will affect the fattening effect. Since the gilts are released early and do not affect fattening, they can be fattened directly without castration.  

4. Deworming pigs   

Pigs are most susceptible to parasitic diseases during the rearing period. The worms and feces laid down are collected at any time for accumulation and fermentation to prevent re-infection.

5.Intensive fattening

The weather is getting colder in autumn and winter. In order to improve the cold resistance and weight gain rate of fattening pigs, the energy level of the diet can be increased. The digestion energy per kilogram of the diet is preferably 11.9 to 13.3 megajoules. The energy should be gradually increased. The protein level can be increased to 17.5% accordingly, and the high daily gain can be obtained by grasping the high and low. It is also necessary to meet the actual requirements of fattening pigs for minerals and vitamins. It is best to use the straight-line fattening method for fattening pigs, feeding nutrient-rich feed from weaning to slaughter in order to give full play to its growth potential and obtain a higher daily weight gain, so that it can weigh 100 kg at 6 months of age. In the management, darker light is required, and pig movement is appropriately reduced. Feeding methods must be paid attention to, especially in the late fattening period, and more unlimited feeding methods are adopted to facilitate fat deposition and weight gain.    

6. Keep warm

The northern autumn and winter are cold and long, which is not good for pig raising. Therefore, good heat preservation is the guarantee for raising fattening pigs in autumn and winter. The insulation ring should be repaired, the ceiling thickened, the north wall blocked, doors and windows closed, and grass curtains should be hung at night to reduce the maintenance consumption of pigs, promote the rapid weight gain of pigs, and improve the winter raising effect of fattening pigs.  

7.Prevention is more important than cure 

Disease is a threat to fattening pig production, and the focus is on the prevention of infectious diseases. Deworming and disinfection of pens are carried out on a regular basis, and the epidemic situation should be grasped and detected in time, so that disease-free early prevention and treatment can be achieved to ensure the normal production of pigs.

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