Kenya 5T/H Animal Powder Feed production line

Region: Africa
Kenya 5T/H Animal Powder Feed production line

According to recent global feed production data, Africa has become the fastest growing region for five consecutive years, and more than half of the countries have achieved rapid growth. Among them, Kenya has grown significantly by more than 30%. In addition, the Kenyan government has also issued some policies, such as establishing a commercial feed system in the field of live poultry breeding, changing feeding habits, and forming a meat traceability system; providing convenient funds and credit support for farmers,etc.

This 5 tons per hour feed plant project of Kenya is mainly used for the production of powder feed. After knowing the needs of customers, Richi tailor-made a turnkey scheme for this 9m*5m*13m plant-a complete set of powder system independently developed and designed by Richi is adopted, and the relevant installation and commissioning work is completed by Richi technical service team.

In terms of technology, the Kenya animal feed mill line project is in line with the international animal feed engineering, and it attaches great importance to the safety and health of feed processing. The powder crushing system adopts the most popular grinding machine model of Richi. The output of maize coarse powder crushing is increased by more than 30%, which greatly improves the powder crushing efficiency. The feed process line adopts an advanced full computer control system, which is accurate and safe, intuitive in operation, monitors production, and can reduce labor costs; electrical control cabinets use imported components and imported programmable controllers, which work stably.

In terms of production line configuration, the main process equipment in the 5T powder feed plant includes animal poultry cattle chicken fish pig feed hammer mill*37 kw, animal feed mixer*1000kg/batch, cooling machine*1.5kw, screen machine*1.5kw, auto packing machine and other subsidiary equipment.

Customer feedback:

After many investigations and comparisons, we have selected Richi's 5t/h powder feed production line. Not only because of the excellent performance of Richi equipment won our trust, but also because the engineers’unremitting efforts and sincere heart moved us, because of Richi, our future cooperation will have more possibilities!

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