How to make chicken mash feed in poultry feedstuff powder feed processing unit line?

How to make chicken mash feed in poultry feedstuff powder feed processing unit line?How to make pellets for chicken?How to manufacture chicken feeds?How is chicken feed made?How chicken feeds are made?How to produce feed for chicken?How to make commercial chicken feeds?How to prepare commercial chicken feeds?How to make pellet for chicken?What do you need to produce chicken feed?How to make chicken feed commercially,etc.

Everyone has seen the above questions. These are frequently asked questions by customers who want to process powdered feed. Many customers want to make powdered feed, but they don't know where to start. Today, I will concentrate on explaining the processing flow, equipment and powder feeding knowledge of the chicken powder feed production line.

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1.Chicken mash feed production process

If you want to make chicken mash feed, the chicken feed manufacturing process: Cleaning -- Crushing -- Mixing -- Packing

Generally,we can divide the raw materials into two parts:one need to be crushed,the other need not.So when we feed material to the feed production line,we will first separately feed them to different channels: particle materials go through feeding port to the feed grinder,mash materials go through feeding port to the feed mixer directly.

Usually,there are impurities in the particle material,so they will first be put into the pre-cleaner to remove the stones,clods and ropes etc. from them,and the go to the permanent magnetic tube to remove the iron part.The Cleaning system will help you to get the clean material and ensure that there's no unexpected impurities to damage the following feed equipment.All cleaned materials will be stored and discharged in the bin for the hammer mill.As the hammer mill is the key machine of crushing system.

Evenly mix different materials into complete mash feed.All materials are mixed together in the feed mixer.Usually the volume of the bin for mixer,mixer and the buffer bin are all the same to ensure the mixer can work continuously batch after batch.Please note that the you must make sure the materials every batch in the mixer are accurate to your formula(so you have to weigh the material every batch before feed them to the feeding port.).

If it is OK for your budget,you can change for automatic production line to let the computers do this.Premix feed are delivered into the mixer directly because of the small quantity and accurate requirement.Mash feed(or powder feed) after mixing can be called complete feed now.If you want only to make mash feed,you can send them to the product bin to be packed.

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2.Machine for making chicken feed

What machines needed to make chicken feeds?Including chicken feed grinding machine,chicken feed mixer machine,packing machine,etc.

3. Applicability of chicken powder material

(1) Laying hens

For laying hens, powdered feed refers to the powdered feed obtained by grinding all the feed in the ration into powder, and then adding vitamins and trace element additives. Its advantages are complete nutrition, chickens are not easy to picky eaters, but poor palatability, and easy to fly and lose, causing waste. Therefore, the powder used for feeding laying hens should not be ground too fine.

Do the laying hens prefer powder or pellets? I believe this question puzzles many friends. Under normal circumstances, laying hens prefer pelleted feed.

Different types of chickens need different feeds at different growth stages. The specific data are as follows:

①Chicks feed on pellets such as millet as their staple food, and feed some powder appropriately;

②In addition to the full-price mixed powder, the broiler chickens should be fed more pellets as much as possible to encourage them to eat more and grow faster;

③The young hens can be fed pellets and powders, but the amount of pellets should be restricted before laying eggs. Generally, it is appropriate to take the pellets and powders to account for 1/2;

④Adult hens are best to use mixed powder, avoid using granular materials, so as not to eat too much, and the body is too fat, which affects egg production.

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(2) Broiler chicken

For broiler chickens, there are generally two feeding methods for powder. One is free intake of dry powder, or it can be mixed into wet powder and fed regularly and irregularly. The dry powder feed method is simple and suitable for large-scale breeding. There is no need to scrub the food utensils and the feed will not deteriorate, but it is easy to cause the phenomenon of uneven intake of nutrients, because the bottom of the trough and the barrel is thin and heavy. The feed is coarse and light, and the bottom feed of the chicken is less, which is easy to cause the problem of incomplete intake of nutrients. Another problem is that when the chicken house adopts longitudinal ventilation, there will be a lot of dust at the air outlet, which is also the reason for feeding dry powder. Wet mixing can promote more feeding, and can also be fed with green fodder, but it is only suitable for small-scale feeding, and the feed trough should be scrubbed regularly to prevent feed deterioration, especially in summer, not to mix too much wet material at a time .

From the perspective of feeding science, pellets are good. But from an economic point of view, if self-mixing is used, feeding powder may be more beneficial than feeding pellets. In small-scale breeding, feeding wet mixes can overcome the shortcomings of inadequate intake of nutrients.

4.RICHI latest chicken powder feeds processing plant project

(1)5T/H Computer Batching Chicken Powder Feed Production Plant In Kenya

Main chicken feed manufacturing machine: electric mill grinder machine* 37 kw ,best chicken feed mixer * 1000kg/batch,cooling machine* 1.5kw,screen machine*1.5kw,auto packing machine and other subsidiary equipment, It's one set full automatic contral system.

(2)The 5-6T/H Chicken Powder And Pellet Feed Making Line In Somalia

Main chicken production machine:37KW hammer mill,500kg/hour mixer,55KW pellet machine, cooler,rotary shifter,manual packing machine.

(3)The 10T/H Chicken Mash Feed And Pellet Feed Processing Line In Mauitania

Main chicken feed processing machine:chicken poultry feed grinder machine*110KW,Chicken Food Mixing Processing Machine*1000KG/Batch,chicken feed pellet making machine*110KW,Cooling Machine*SKLN20*20,Pellet Crumbler*SSLG15*150,Screen and Packing Machine,Other Auxiliary Equipment.

(4)5-6T/H Chicken Powder Feed Line In Ethiopia

Main chicken feed mill machine:corn grinder for chicken feed*37KW,chicken feed mixer machine*500kg/batch,packing machine and other equipment, It's one set full automatic control system.

5.Poultry chicken feed manufacturing process flow chart

For more chicken feed plant flow chart,visit :

machinery to produce feed for chickens for sale south africa

producing livestock and poultry chicken feeds in canada

6.Cost of setting up a chicken poultry feed making plant

We provide 100kg/h-20t/h chicken powder feed production line,The price is usually between $2,000 to $500,000.

Different customers have different needs for feed processing, and the configuration of the production line is also different. The above content shows the standard production line process, but maybe it is not necessarily what you need. We can customize the production line for each customer, no matter what your budget is, no matter the size of your site, Richi Machinery can do it.

If you want to built one complete pellet production line in your country, pls send the inquiry to us. We will customized design according to your requirement.

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