Requirements of Broiler Feed Formula for Crude Fiber Content

Broiler chickens have high body temperature, fast growth, and strong material metabolism. Therefore, broiler feeds need to have a high level of nutrition. Broiler chickens have no teeth and rely solely on the gravel eaten in the muscular stomach to help grind food and perform mechanical digestion. If the gravel in the muscular stomach is removed, the digestive capacity of the broiler will drop by 25% to 30%. The intestines of broilers are short, and the small intestine (including duodenum, jejunum, and ileum) is only 5 times the body length. The caliber of each segment of the small intestine is almost equal, and the time for food to pass through the small intestine is short. The small intestine of broilers lacks enzymes that digest cellulose , Can not digest crude fiber. Although the cecum is longer, reaching 13-30 cm, accounting for 1/5 of the total length of the intestine, it has a low digestibility of feed crude fiber, only 18%, and its digestibility of wheat cellulose is only 5%.

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The main function of crude fiber in diet is to make broilers feel full and stimulate intestinal peristalsis, so that the intestine is in the best state of digestion and absorption of nutrients. The content of metabolizable energy in broiler diet is negatively correlated with the content of crude fiber. If the crude fiber content in the feed is too much, the energy level of the feed will not be compatible with the physiological characteristics of the broiler, which will not only affect the growth and development, but also affect the digestion and absorption of other nutrients, resulting in greater waste and increasing feeding costs.

If the crude fiber content in the diet is too low, the stimulating effect on the intestinal lining of the broiler after eating will be poor, the intestinal peristalsis is not sufficient, the digestion and absorption of nutrients are not good, and a large number of nutrients are excreted in the feces, which will also cause Feed waste. In addition, due to insufficient crude fiber content in the diet, broiler chickens do not feel full after eating, and are prone to nausea, such as feather pecking and anus pecking, which seriously affect normal growth and may cause broiler death.

When preparing broiler diets, farmers must pay full attention to and handle the dialectical relationship between energy and crude fiber, and pay attention to a good balance. Under normal circumstances, the content of crude fiber in broiler diets should be maintained at 2.5% to 5%.

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