Animal and plant ingredients in broiler feed

In broiler feed pellet production, feed costs account for 50%-75% of total production costs. The broiler feed formula must enable the broiler to grow at the fastest speed and consume as little feed as possible to achieve the purpose of the broiler formula design. The compound feed produced by the formula is used for raising broilers. The body weight of 7-8 weeks old reaches 2 kg or more. The feed-to-meat ratio reaches 2 or less, and the broiler mortality rate does not exceed 3% during the breeding period, which is considered to have reached the basic goal of broiler feed formula design. The feed formula design fails to achieve this goal. The production cost of broilers will be further increased.Today we will talk about the animal feed ingredients and plant feed ingredients in broiler feed.

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Chickens are omnivorous animals and can eat plant-based feeds as well as animal-based feeds. Chickens in the free-range state especially like to eat insects and other animal feeds. Although broiler chickens have been bred through cross-improvement, their diet characteristics have not changed. Both plant-based feed and animal-based feed are required in the diet. Animal feed is not only high in energy and protein, but also has a balanced amino acid ratio and sufficient essential amino acid content, which is very suitable for the growth of broilers.

Adding animal ingredients to broiler diets can balance essential amino acids and change the composition of fatty acids in the feed. It can also affect the balance of feed metabolizable energy and vitamins, and it will also have a beneficial effect on the growth of intestinal flora. Animal feed also contains unknown growth factors, which play an important role in the growth and development of broilers. Adding appropriate amount of animal feed ingredients to broiler diets is particularly effective.

The commonly used animal commercial feeds for broiler chickens mainly include fish meal, shrimp bran, blood meal, silkworm pupa meal and so on. The price of these feed ingredients is generally high, especially fish meal, which is much higher than oil cake feeds such as soybean cakes. A larger amount will greatly increase the cost of breeding. Therefore, when preparing broiler diets, attention should be paid to the reasonable combination of animal feed ingredients and plant feed ingredients to improve the utilization efficiency of feed and effectively enhance the economic benefits of breeding. Under normal circumstances, the amount of fish meal in the broiler diet can account for 2% to 5%, up to 7%, and other animal feeds should not exceed 10%.

In order to make full use of local natural resources, when preparing broiler diets, farmers can also use trash fish, river prawns, mussel meat, earthworms, fly maggots, yellow mealworms, etc. instead of commercial protein feeds. However, aquatic feeds such as fish and shrimp must be used. Since non-polluted waters, other feed materials should also be prevented from contamination by pathogens. At the same time, attention should be paid to safe storage to prevent spoilage. The use of animal feed must strictly prevent pollution and clostridium botulinum poisoning, otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous.

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