Problems and improvement schemes that often occur in summer chicken house (part 2)

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1. Reduced feed intake

Common phenomenon: Not only does the feed intake of the chickens in the local area not increase, but it temporarily decreases. The chickens in this area are underweight. This phenomenon is generally found in chicken houses with net beds.

(1) Reason 1

The design wind speed is too high. When designing the ventilation configuration, the highest data of 2.5m/s is used, and the air leakage compensation is increased by 0.25m/s, but the wind resistance effect of the net bed bed frame is ignored, and the wind speed in the middle of the chicken house will be greater than the wind speed on both sides. When the fan is fully turned on, it will cause the chicken back wind speed in some areas to reach more than 3m/s. When the chicken back wind speed is higher than 2.5m/s, the feed intake of the chicken will temporarily decrease slightly, but it will soon recover; when the chicken back wind speed is higher than 3m/s, the feed intake will be obvious decline.

Improve methods

Install a manual switch on 10~15% of the fan circuit as a backup. Generally, it is turned off, and it is turned on in extreme high temperature and high humidity weather, or when other fans fail.

(2) Reason 2

Improper grouping of fans, too many fans controlled in the last group, and frequent opening, the wind speed will suddenly increase, and the wind speed will suddenly change from high to low, resulting in a decrease in the stress intake of chickens. For example, in a chicken house, there are 5 side wall fans and 8 longitudinal tunnel fans. If a 5-level ventilation controller is used, there are 2 groups of side wall fans and 3 groups of longitudinal tunnel fans (2/2/4 or 2/3/3 ), a wind speed drop of 0.8~1m/s will inevitably occur.

Improvement method: replace the environmental controller, increase the fan group, the maximum drop of wind speed does not exceed 0.5m/s.

(3) Reason 3

There is no deflector on the air inlets of the wet curtains on both sides, and the air velocity is 3~5m/s. Such a high wind velocity directly blows on the chicken, causing stress.

Improvement method: equipped with thermal insulation deflectors and diversion in summer, so that the air flows diagonally upward without blowing chicken directly, and keeps warm in winter.

2. The mortality rate of older chickens rises

Common phenomenon: The death of older chickens suddenly increased, and the time of death mainly occurred at night. The main cause of death was the heavier chickens. When the heat stress index of the indoor environment is higher than 165, the above phenomenon will occur. When the heat stress index is greater than 170, a large number of deaths will occur. There are special articles on heat stress, so I won't go into details here.

(1) Reason 1

The most common situation is that the humidity in the house is too high, the wind speed is low, and the temperature is too high. The most common operation error in this situation is to turn off the fan or reduce the number of fans when the spray cools.

Improvement method: When the spray cools, the normal ventilation must be maintained; in high temperature and high humidity weather, the ventilation should be increased slightly, and the standby fan should be turned on.

(2) Reason 2

After the power outage in summer, the remedial measures are not timely. Even if there is a backup generator, it can not be started in a critical moment because of long-term non-use.

Improvement method: Regardless of whether there is a power outage, the standby generator set starts to run once a month.

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