South Africa 10T/H Cattle Feed Pellet Production Plant

Region: Africa
South Africa 10T/H Cattle Feed Pellet Production Plant

With the increase in global animal feed demand, South Africa's animal feed production has also increased significantly. The easy production of animal feed and low production costs have helped South African animal feed companies become leaders in this growing industry market. The South African animal feed industry produces various feeds for different sectors, including poultry, dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep and pigs. The quality standards of the top animal feed manufacturers in the South African animal feed market are very high and have reached international standards.

The project is a full-computer automated feed production line that produces 10 tons per hour of cattle feed. Richi not only builds the most advanced, reasonable and energy-saving automatic production lines for customers, but also selects complete sets of mechanical equipment with excellent quality and performance, and arranges construction strictly according to the schedule.

In the construction process, Richi proceeded from reality to meet the needs of users as a standard, rationally planned and standardized construction, and completed all projects smoothly on the premise of ensuring the quality of the project. The raw material of the 10 tons cattle feed pellet production line in South Africa is corn, soybean meal, 50% grass and other grain, the main purpose is to process powder, 3 mm pellets, 5 mm pellets, 8 mm pellets.

Before the start of the project, Richi Machinery has fully researched and optimized the project plan, using the customer's existing production area (19m*6m*25m) to achieve a compact overall layout, smooth process flow, minimize production links, Multiple expected effects of engineering investment, etc. In terms of design, refine energy-saving measures, strengthen energy-saving design, optimize building structure, and provide technical guarantee for realizing very large economic benefits. Reasonably coordinate the design and construction to reduce the impact on the existing production line. Overall, the high-efficiency project operation capabilities ensure that customers are put into production with confidence and peace of mind.

This project is currently the most advanced ruminant feed production line in the customer's local area. The project is fully computer-controlled and replaces the customer's previous manual packaging, manual handling, manual baching, and manual operations, allowing customers to experience the efficiency, energy saving, and safety of automated feed production. At the same time, the project uses a first-class process plan, the rumination process uses the most advanced production equipment in South Africa, which greatly improves the production efficiency of customers and creates economic value for customers. Prime technology equipment include: feed hammer mill crusher*110KW, cattle feed mixer*1000kg/batch, batching scale*1000kg/batch, cow feed pellet mill*110kw, pellet cooling machine*SKLH20*20, feed pellet crumbler machine*SSLG15*150, screen machine, automatic packing machine, coal-fired boiler*0.7mpa, etc.

It is very worth mentioning that the South African customer who cooperated with Richi this time is a very rigorous person. In addition to repeatedly inspecting the cooperative manufacturers when the project is signed, the customer visits for the second time when the product is shipped and supervises the whole process test and delivery of the entire production line products.

The successful commissioning of this project will help the customer achieve the integration of large-scale local feed research and development, production, breeding and sales, and further increase its market share and competitiveness in the South Africa cattle feed production market.

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