Peanut hull/rice husk/straw/miscellaneous tree/pine, which biomass fuel pellet has higher calories or cheaper price?

Peanut husk pellets, rice husk pellets, straw pellets, miscellaneous wood pellets, pine wood pellets, which of these 5 kinds of bio fuel pellet has the highest calories and the cheapest price? How do we understand this issue? Is it the case with the highest calorific value, the price is cheap, or the case with the cheap price, the highest calorific value? Customers generally assume low cost, followed by meeting their own heat needs. In recent years, they have added a condition that meets environmental protection requirements. Although coal is cheap, the calorific value of fuel is also high, but there are two types of coal and fuel oil. Energy is not considered environmentally friendly, and many countries and regions have policy restrictions on this fossil energy fuel, so we won't say more here. The following is a comprehensive consideration of the above five biomass energy pellets sources for analysis.

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1. Compare the calorific value of biomass enegy pellets

According to relevant laboratory tests, the calorific value of biomass fuel is slightly lower than that of natural gas. The calorific value of natural gas generally reaches 7500 kcal/m3. Peanut husk particles, rice husk particles, straw particles, and miscellaneous wood particles are used as biomass fuel. The calorific value of pine wood pellets is 3600 kcal/kg, 3300 kcal/kg, 3000 kcal/kg, 4000 kcal/kg, 4200 kcal/kg.

2. Calculate the cost according to the same heat conditions. (Take the market price of biomass pellets in a certain area of ​​China as an example)

Taking the 600,000 kcal required for a 1 ton boiler as an example, the unit price of biomass peanut shell briquette is 500 yuan/ton, the unit price of rice husk pellets is 600 yuan/ton, straw pellets are 450 yuan/ton, and the miscellaneous wood pellets are 850 yuan/ Tons, pine pellet fuel is 1,000 yuan/ton. What can also be told is that the unit price of natural gas is 3.5 yuan per cubic meter.

3. Calculation results:

(1) The cost of biomass peanut shell pellet fuel: 600,000 ÷ 3600 kcal/kg = 167 kg, 167 kg × 0.5 yuan/kg = 83.5 yuan

(2) The cost of biomass rice husk pellet fuel: 600,000 ÷ 3300 kcal/kg = 182 kg, 167 kg × 0.6 yuan/kg = 100.2 yuan

(3) The cost of biomass straw pellet fuel: 600,000 ÷ 3000 kcal/kg = 200 kg, 200 kg × 0.45 yuan/kg = 90 yuan

(4) The cost of biomass mixed wood pellet fuel: 600,000 ÷ 4000 kcal/kg = 150 kg, 150 kg × 0.85 yuan/kg = 127.5 yuan

(5) The cost of biomass pine pellet fuel: 600,000 ÷ 4200 kcal/kg = 143 kg, 143 kg × 1 yuan/kg = 143 yuan

It can also be added that the cost of natural gas fuel: 600,000 ÷ 7,500 kcal/cubic = 80 cubic meters, 80 cubic meters × 3.5 yuan/cubic meters = 280 yuan

Conclusion: Based on the above calculations, the unit prices of different countries and regions may be biased. The approximate order of results is:  peanut shell pellet<straw pellets<rice hull pellets<miscellaneous wood pellets<pine wood pellets<natural gas

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