How to make rice husk pellets-CE good quality agriculture waste biomass pellet mill machine for making rice husk pellets

Nowadays, more and more people realize the utilization of garden wastes and agricultural residuals such as rice husk, maize/corn stalk, wheat straw and so on. So biomass pellet machine especially high performance agriculture waste biomass pellet mill is becoming more and more popular for farmers and individuals, which can easily turn the biomass rubbish into useful fuel pellets.

Rice Husk Biomass Pellet Making Machine For Biomass Fuel

1.Best rice husk pellet machine for processing rice husks and rice hulls

Recently we have made a test of rice husk pellets making by using our MZLH series ring die rice husk pellet machine with ce. We tested two different moisture of rice husks feeding into the ring die pellet mill for rice hull pellets——22% and 20%.For detailed testing report, you are welcome to get in touch with us!

RICHI ring die rice husk pellet making machine series:

MZLH350 800-1000kg/h China professional factory offered high quality rice husk pellet machine

MZLH320 factory offered hot sale 300-500kg/h biomass rice husk pellet mill

MZLH420 high performance 1-2 ton per hour rice husk pellet machine

MZLH520 new technology 2-3 ton per hour rice husk pellet mill

MZLH768 2.5-4t/h easy to operate good quality rice husk pellet machine

MZLH858 3-4.5t/h China hot sell super quality rice husk pellet machine for sale

CE rice husk pellet making machine factory price

2.Rice Husk Pellets vs Wood Pellets

The rice husk is used as a burning material due to its caloric value which is around 14 MK/kg that is equaling to 35% of the caloric value of diesel bunker oil which its caloric value is 40.5MJ/kg.It is utilized for power generation and the processes of gasification. When you compare with wood, rice husk is an effective burning material. Rice husk pellets are favored due to emission of low smoke and low amount of ashes.

Like wood, a rice husk is also a good material for biomass fuel pellets making production. Rice husk pellets have been gaining lots of interests all over the globe because it is a source of alternative energy over the common non-renewable fossil fuels.

3.Rice Husk Pellet Plant Production Process

For the ones who want to start an agriculture waste biomass pellet processing plant for rice husk pellets, you will need a complete set rice husk pellet production line machines :

(1)The screeners or sievers

Remove the dust or other impurities in the rice husk thus protecting the processing machine in the pellet production line and also thus ensuring the quality of pellets is maintained.

(2)Rice husk grinding machine or rice husk hammer mill

Reduce the size of rice husk making it into fine power that will be ready for pellet production.

(3)Rice husk drying equipment

Dry the rice husk to meet the water requirement of biomass pelletizing.

(4)Rice husk pellet making machine with ce

Compresses the rice husk power in biomass fuel pellets.

(5)The packing machine

Packages the rice husk pellets in bags with several specifications depending on the requirements.

Finally,the final rice husk pellets are stored properly.

It is important to note that in the processing of rice husk pellets plant, the biomass blinders such as saw dust are the best. In the process of rice husk pelletizing, the lignin in the sawdust is melted under high temperatures in the rice husk pellet press machine. Melted lignin works as a binder that assists in the making of rice husk pellet.

Rice Husk Pellets Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Rice Husk Biomass Pellet Making Machine For Biomass Fuel

4.How to start your own rice husk pellet production line with best business solution?

According to customer different biomass types, different output configuration can be customized. We devote ourselves to undertaking all biomass energy pellet plant 1-40T/H and to providing more value added service to all the customers.We will provide the following customized service:

(1)Determine the scale of whole rice husk pellet line.

(2)Determine the biofuel rice husk pellet pellet manufacturing process and recommend best price biomass rice husk pellet processing machine.

(3)Control mode selection.

(4)Complete biomass rice husk pellet manufacturing plant structure selection.

(5)Planning the general drawing of new design completely biomass rice husk pellet production line site.

5.Economic Potential Of Manufacturing Rice Husk Pellets

Rice is one of the cereal grains that is a crucial staple food for a big population of the world especially in the East and South Asia the West Indies and Latin America. It is the second-highest worldwide production grain after corn.

The paddy rice husks have up to 20% of its weight and there are more than 100 million tons of rice husk produced worldwide. Approximately 70% of the latter is unutilized due to the problem of biodegradability of the paddy rice and disposal of combustion ash of the husks. The global demand for rice is estimated to be up to 780 million tons by 2020 and many tons of rice husks will be produced waiting for a better solution.

The use of the rice husk has been an economic source of the planter with the large scale of rice planting.Initially, the rice husks were seen as a waste product and discarded away, but with time it has been processed as byproducts with a lot of uses. It is a vital commodity. They can also be converted into rice pellets and used as animal beddings, as fuel bedding, production of cement and as fuel.

For more information contact Richi Machinery who are experienced in building rice husk pelletizing plants. We supply 1-40tph professional factory directly offered complete rice husk pelleting production line. Besides, we have write about how to start a ce good quality agriculture waste rice husk pellet manufacturing factory step by step, and tips for making rice husk pellets with high quality.

best rice husk pellet making machine for pellets

If you have the following questions, welcome to consult Richi Machinery:

hot sale 1 ton per hour rice husk pellet mill machine

new type 1 ton per hour rice husk pellet mill

high quality 1.2-1.5t/h rice husk pellet mill machine

cheap price rice husk pellet mill

2-3t/h rice husk pellet mill machine

high quality wood pellet mill machine for rice husk pellets

biomass rice husk bamboo straw wood pellet machine

10 ton per hour rice husk pellet manufacturing process flow chart

new 90kw wood pellet machine for rice husk

pellet machine for Rice husk empty coconut shell pine rubber

If you want to built one complete pellet production line in your country, pls send the inquiry to us. We will customized design according to your requirement.

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