Nine basic knowledge you must know to enter the biomass pine pellet fuel industry

This article mainly introduces several common senses that practitioners of biomass pine wood pellet fuel must know. Through the introduction of this article, entrepreneurs who want to engage in the biomass pine wood pellet fuel industry and those who have been engaged in the industry have a more intuitive understanding of biomass pine wood pellet fuel. Usually, we always encounter some questions about consulting basic knowledge about biomass fuels. The large number of people who consult means that this industry is a sunrise industry. If no one cares about it, it appears that this industry has no potential. In order to help colleagues in the biomass fuel industry to learn and communicate faster, we hereby organize a collection of biomass pine wood pellet fuel knowledge as follows:

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1. The output of biomass pine wood pellets is calculated by ton/hour

Experienced biomass pine wood pellet fuel manufacturers know that the production capacity of biomass pellet machines is calculated based on the production capacity of tons per hour. It is not calculated on a daily or monthly basis as the outside world thinks. Why, because biomass The pellet machine has various links such as stopping midway for maintenance, adding butter, changing molds, etc., so we can only measure production capacity by hour. For example, 8-10 hours a day, 1 ton per hour, 25 days a month, so the overall production capacity is calculated.

2. CE good stability biomass pine wood pellet mill has strict requirements on the moisture of raw materials

It is better to control the moisture content of raw materials of different materials at about 18%. This moisture raw material is good for the molding of biomass pellets. Too dry or too wet will not work. If the raw material itself has less moisture, it is recommended to install a biomass pine wood sawdust dryer equipment.

3. Biomass energy pellet machine also has requirements for the diameter of raw materials

The raw material size of the biomass pellet press machine needs to be controlled within 1 cm in diameter. If it is too large, it will easily block the feed port, which is not conducive to the molding of the machine. So don't think that all raw materials will be thrown into the pine wood pellet making machine.

4. Even if the appearance of the pellet machine changes, its principle structure cannot be separated from two types

The two types of pellet machines that are relatively mature in China are ring die biomass pellet machines and flat die biomass pellet machines. No matter what kind of appearance, the basic principle remains the same. In comparison, the ring die type biomass wood pellet mill is definitely a trend now and in the future, and its performance advantages are unmatched by the flat die pellet mill.

5. Not all China professional factory offered high quality wood pellet machines can produce pellets on a large scale wood pellet plant

At present, the only machine that can apply large-scale pellet production in China is the ring die pellet machine. The CE Certificate Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill with this technology has high capacity and can be mass-produced.

6. Although biomass pellet fuel is environmentally friendly, the wood pellet production process is not well controlled and can cause pollution

The biomass pine pellet fuel we produce is environmentally friendly, renewable, and clean energy. However, the production process of biomass pellets also requires environmental awareness, such as the power consumption of the pellet machine and the dust emission during the processing. Therefore, the biomass pellet plant needs to do Good dust control work and energy saving and consumption reduction work.

7. The types of biomass pellet fuel raw materials are very rich

The raw materials currently available for biomass pellet fuel are: pine wood, miscellaneous wood, sawdust, peanut shell, rice husk, sawdust, pine, poplar, mahogany, shavings, straw, fir, pure wood chips, reed, pine, solid wood , Hard mixed wood, chaff, oak, cypress, pine mixed wood, bamboo shavings, salix, wood flour, bamboo powder, caragana, mixed wood shavings, fruit wood, elm, furfural residue, larch,birch , Korean pine, cypress, logs, aldehydes, pure pine sawdust, round wood, miscellaneous wood, solid wood shavings, wood shavings, demolition wood, poplar wood, corn stalks, peach wood, bagasse, palm empty fruit bunch, willow wood, gorgon shell , Eucalyptus, walnut, cedar shavings, pear wood, waste wood, cotton stalk, apple wood, coconut shell fragments, etc. After seeing so many kinds of raw materials, do you feel an eye-opener? At present, the mainstream in the market is still pine. Biomass pellets made of miscellaneous wood, peanut husk, rice husk and other materials.

8. Not all pellet coking is a problem of pellet fuel

Biomass pellet fuel has different combustion effects in different boilers, and some may cause coking. In addition to raw materials, the cause of coking is also related to the design of the boiler and the operation of the boiler.

9. There are many different diameters of biomass pellet fuel

At present, biomass pellet fuels on the market mainly have diameters of 8 mm, 10 mm, 6 mm, etc., mainly 8 and 10 mm, and 6 mm is mainly used for fireplace fuel.

The above is some knowledge that practitioners of biomass pine pellet fuel industry sorted by Richi Machinery must know. Through these basic common sense, we have a more comprehensive understanding of the biomass pine pellet fuel industry. We hope to help friends who want to understand and join the biomass pellet fuel industry.

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