How much does it cost to process one ton of cattle feed? (calculated based on the cattle feed formula)

Cattle farmers often wonder how to calculate the cost of feed and how much does it cost to process 1 ton cattle feed pellet? Today, Richi Machinery uses the fattening cattle feed formula as an example to calculate 1 ton cattle feed cost.

For the calculation of fattening cattle feed formula, it is first necessary to clarify when the beef cattle enter the late fattening period, which is what we often call the fattening period. In the late fattening period, beef cattle generally start from 300kg and enter the late fattening period for fattening. At this stage, the skeleton and digestive system of the beef cattle have grown and developed, and the protein components required are relatively less, and more energy components are needed to fatten the meat.

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1. Example: Fattening beef cattle feed formula table, using 5% beef cattle premix feed formula.

Raw materials for cattle feed production: 62 kilograms of corn, 9 kilograms of wheat bran, 8 kilograms of soybean meal, 9 kilograms of cotton meal, 6 kilograms of rapeseed meal, 1 kilogram of baking soda, and 5 kilograms of premix, totaling 100 kilograms.

Feeding stage: 300kg delivery

Nutritional composition: corn provides energy components, wheat bran provides energy and laxative effects, soybean meal, cotton meal, rapeseed meal supplements protein ingredients, premix supplements trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and other growth-promoting ingredients. Among them, baking soda plays a role in neutralizing acid and alkali, avoiding acidosis in late fattening of cattle.

(1) The cotton meal and rapeseed meal in the above formula can be replaced by soybean meal, peanut meal, flax meal, sunflower meal and other raw materials.

(2) When using roughage with greater acidity such as silage and vinasse, the amount of baking soda added should be increased according to the use ratio.

2.Calculation of 1 ton cattle feed processing cost of (based on market conditions in a certain region of China)

After understanding the feed formula for the fattening period, let's now calculate 1t cattle feed price.

The formulation of fattening cattle feed ingredients, from the point of view of both energy and protein, corn and soybean meal as the main raw material, wheat gluten, cottonseed, rapeseed and the like as a secondary ingredient for reducing the cost.

(1) Check cost: Corn is 2,000 yuan per ton, and soybean meal is 3400 yuan per ton.

(2) Mixing ratio: corn 70%, soybean meal 25%, premix 5%.

(3) Price calculation:

Content (kg): 700kg of corn, 250kg of soybean meal, 50kg of premixed feed

Price (RMB): corn 1400 yuan, soybean meal 850 yuan, premix 260 yuan.

(4) The raw material cost of 1 ton cattle feed (yuan/ton): RMB 2510.

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