How to control the quality of pelleting process in fully automatic animal feed production line?

Simple operation portable small animal feed pellet mill machine

1. Requirements for animal feed pelleting equipment before granulation 

The feed pelletizer equipment is required to be inspected and maintained before production to ensure product quality. It includes the following aspects:

(1) The pellets and the magnets on the top must be cleaned once every shift. If they cannot be cleaned, the iron in the feed may enter the animal feed pellet mill ring die and affect the normal operation of the ce animal feed pelletizer machine.

(2) Monitor the wear of the ring die and the press roller: the wear of the press roller may affect the animal feed production capacity; excessive wear of the press die reduces the effective thickness of the press die and affects the quality of the pellets.

(3) Lubricate the pressure roller regularly to ensure that the pressure roller works normally.

(4) Check whether there is material backlog in the pellet cooler machine, and check whether the cooling plate or screen surface in the cooler is damaged.

(5) The roller of the animal feed hammer mill crusher should be inspected regularly: if the corrugated teeth of the roller become blunt, it will reduce the crushing capacity and reduce the product quality.

(6) Check every shift whether there are holes, blockages and adhesion on the screen surface of the grading screen, and the screen surface is intact and undamaged to achieve the correct particle classification effect.

(7) Check the cutter of the animal feed pellet production machine: the cutter is worn and blunt, which will increase the feed powder.

(8) Check the steam separator of steam to ensure the quality of steam entering the conditioner. Otherwise, it will affect the annual production capacity of the beam and the pellet quality of the feed.

(9) When changing materials, check whether the buffer bin and finished product bin above the pelletizing equipment for animal feed are completely emptied to prevent mixing.

poultry fodder machine chicken feed mill pellet mill machinery for small farm

2. Quenching and tempering technology  

Pigs feed and chickens feed generally sweat corn, with high starch content and low crude fiber content. Therefore, the structure and strength of pellet feed rely on tempering technology, using heat and steam to soften the raw materials to improve the pelleting performance of the feed. During the conditioning process, the starch of the feed will be partially gelatinized, and the gelatinized starch has the effect of binding, which improves the pellet forming rate of the feed.

The conditioning time of a general conditioner is 10-20 seconds. Extending the conditioning time can:

(1) increase starch gelatinization;

(2) increase feed temperature and reduce harmful microorganisms;

(3) improve production efficiency and increase when the particle quality is low, the heat and water can be dissipated faster when the vapor pressure is low.

In order to improve the tempering effect, the vapor pressure must be controlled. Generally, pellet feed can be adjusted to 16~18% moisture and 75~85°C according to actual operation requirements.

3. Correct adjustment of the pressure roller gap can prolong the service life of the ring die and pressure roller, and improve production efficiency and particle quality. The adjustment requirements are as follows:

Adjust the pressure roller so that when the ring die rotates at a low speed, the pressure roller can only touch the high point of the ring die. This gap minimizes the metal contact between the ring die and the pressure roller, reduces wear, and there is enough pressure to rotate the pressure roller.

4. Grinding size of granulating raw materials 

The particle size requirements of raw materials should be determined according to the particle size of the granular product. The particle size requirement is too fine, the processing speed is low, and the productivity is low; the particle size is too coarse, the particle forming rate decreases, and the particles are easy to break. The particle size of the feed can be adjusted according to the application. For example, the particle size of the chicken feed can be larger, and 15-20 mesh is acceptable; the particle size of the fish feed and shrimp feed is finer, generally 40-60 mesh;the particle size of some special feeds is required higher, 80~120 mesh.

5. Requirements for pellets

(1) Pellet forming rate It is used to sieve pellet feed with a wire mesh sieve less than 20% of the particle size. If the pellet feed has a particle size of 5.00mm, use a 4.00mm wire mesh to sieve. The percentage of the oversize can represent the forming rate of the particles. The particle forming rate of livestock feed and poultry feed is required to be greater than 95%, and the particle forming rate of fish and shrimp feed is required to be greater than 98%;

(2) Pellet length: The length of feed pellets with a diameter of less than 4mm is 2 to 5 times the pellet size, and the length of feed pellets with a diameter of 4 mm or more is 1.5 to 3 times the pellet size.

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