Precautions for pressure roller installation of ring die chicken feed pellet machine for poultry chicken feed mill factory

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1. How to adjust the gap between the ring die and the pressure roller of the poultry feed pelleting machine for chicken feed?

Open the door cover of the feed pellet machine, unscrew the eight fastening bolts of the ring die cover, remove the ring die cover, clear the inner surface of the ring die and the outer surface of the pressure roller, loosen the stop nut, and turn the adjusting screw , Make the gap adjusting wheel rotate, press the roller adjusting wheel to adjust in the direction of the arrow, the gap becomes smaller, adjust the gap in the opposite direction, and the gap becomes larger. If the adjustment cannot be performed in the opposite direction as shown, the pressure roller is installed incorrectly and needs to be reassembled.

It is very important to control the gap of the pressure roller correctly. If the gap is too small, the pressure roller and the ring die will wear seriously. If the gap is too large, the output will be affected, and even granulation will not be possible. Generally, the gap is between 0.05 and 0.3 mm. The gap between the new ring die and the pressure roller can be measured with a feeler gauge. For example, when the gap is adjusted during production, the gap can be controlled. When the ring die is rotated by hand, the pressure roller is between rotating and non-rotating, such as visual inspection of the ring die It is better to just touch the pressure roller. The gap of the new ring die should be smaller. After the gap is adjusted, the relevant nuts and screws should be tightened in the above order in reverse, and the ring die cover should be installed. Note that the stop nut and the locking screw must be tightened to avoid the loosening of the studio and damage to the horizontal ring die chicken feed pellet machine.

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2. Routine maintenance of the press roller of the chicken poultry feed granulator machine

Press roller is an important factor affecting the service life of ring die. Attention should be paid to lubricate the pressure roller regularly and check the pressure roller for abnormal wear (such as bumps).

3. Installation of the pressure roller of the ring die pellet machine for chicken poultry feed

Next, RICHI will introduce you to the press roller assembly of the easy to operate ring die animal feed pellet making machine for chicken feed production:

(1) The professional maintenance worker in charge of the ce good chicken feed pellet producing machine adjusts the pressure roller gap to meet the production requirements if there is no other abnormality on the pressure roller with too large gap.

(2) For pressure rollers that need to be disassembled, first use a hydraulic jack to remove the eccentric shaft on the pressure roller device, and then use a special tool to remove the outer ring of the bearing.

(3) Carefully check the removed press roller accessories, and find out the unusable accessories, they must be replaced in time.

(4) Clean the spare parts with diesel oil for the removed parts, and then clean them with clean diesel oil, wipe them clean with cotton cloth, and put them on a clean plastic bag or other clean surface for later use.

(5) On the disassembly device, press the outer ring of the bearing into a fixed position in the pressure roller shell, then put the inner ring of the bearing into it, add high-temperature lubricating grease, and install the other bearing in the same way.

(6) Install high temperature resistant oil seal and circlip, and assemble dust cover.

(7) Adjust the gap of the pressure roller. When the gap is considered appropriate and the operation is flexible, fix the compression nut and fix the circlip blade to fix the gap of the pressure roller.

(8) Once the operator finds that the host current of the ring die chicken poultry pellet machine to make feed is too large and the temperature of the pelleting chamber is too high, check whether the gap between the pressure roller and the ring die increases, if If an abnormality is found, the maintenance worker should be notified to adjust the gap between the pressure roller or the gap between the pressure roller and the ring die.

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