Measures for the management of animal feed processing equipment maintenance in animal feed mill plants

In order to ensure the normal operation of the animal feed making equipment, this management method is specially formulated to avoid feed making equipment failure due to lack of human responsibility to increase animal feed production costs and reduce production efficiency to strengthen the enthusiasm of employees to maintain animal feed equipment.

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1. Maintenance principles for animal poultry livestock feed mill equipment operation

(1) Carry out equipment maintenance and inspection in strict accordance with the following regulations, and keep records. Do not resort to fraud or deal with it strictly.

(2) The management personnel of the production department have the right to inspect and record the situation at any time and find that the operation, inspection, and maintenance are not performed in accordance with the regulations and cause equipment and quality accidents to be investigated and the responsible person strictly punished.

2. General knowledge of maintenance during animal feed manufacturing equipment operation

(1) It is strictly forbidden to start all feed processing machine under load, except for special circumstances that require the approval of the monitor to start the animal feed mixing machine.

(2) All animal food manufacturing equipment must be switched on and off in strict accordance with the technological requirements.

(3) All equipment can be shut down only after the materials in standby are empty.

(4) All equipment should work under rated load, and overload work is strictly prohibited.

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(5) During the operation of the equipment, check whether the transmission components are flexible and the fasteners are loose. If abnormalities are found, such as excessive temperature rise of the bearing, the vibration of the equipment will increase and abnormal noise, etc., should be shut down in time to find the cause and troubleshoot before starting the animal feed making machine.

(6) The lubricating oil in the gearbox and other lubrication mechanisms should be checked frequently. Oil leakage and oil level below the standard should be solved in time and replenishing the lubricating oil. The lubricating oil is generally 1/2-2/3 of the oil standard.

(7) Generally, the lubricating oil should be replaced after one month of operation of the new machine. The lubricating oil should be replaced after half a year of normal operation.

(8) When adding grease, first remove the original grease and add fresh grease. Generally, the addition amount is 1/2-3/4 of the hollow of the bearing seat for high-speed operation, only 1/2-2/3 of the hollow of the bearing seat can be added. For low-speed operation such as feed crusher bearings, it can generally be filled up such as mixer bearings.

(9) The bearing temperature should be ≤65℃—75℃. 10. All chains driven by sprocket must be lubricated with waste engine oil every week.

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3. Equipment lubrication management system Good lubrication is a necessary condition for the normal operation of equipment

This management method is specially formulated to slow down wear, reduce power consumption, improve equipment efficiency and extend equipment service life to ensure the safe operation and normal production of equipment.

(1) Essentials of equipment lubrication

①Add oil at fixed points according to the lubrication requirements of the equipment.

②The operator and the patrol machine are responsible for regular oil change at the refueling part, and the maintenance worker is responsible for the implementation of the daily maintenance table.

③The types and specifications of lubricating grease selected according to equipment requirements must be qualified and clean and free of impurities. It is strictly forbidden to use grease or use unclean grease. Alternative oil must be approved by the production manager or relevant technical personnel. .

④The equipment should be greased or cleaned and replaced with new grease at the specified time.

⑤According to the equipment's calibrated oil level or quantity, add and change the grease. If the oil is added too much, it will produce stirring and heat. If there is too much grease, there is no space for heat dissipation. It also has to be added, and it will not be able to provide lubrication.

(2) Equipment lubrication management rules

①The employees engaged in production and production management must attach great importance to the importance of equipment lubrication, learn about lubrication knowledge and consciously abide by the implementation of equipment lubrication management system. Make the equipment always in a good lubrication state.


★Operators should be familiar with the structure and lubrication requirements of the equipment they operate, and do well in the maintenance of the equipment. When the equipment is running, do a patrol inspection and promptly deal with any abnormalities that cannot be handled and serious problems and report them in time.

★The squad leader and patrol crew should strengthen the patrol inspection of equipment, especially the patrol inspection of key equipment. And supervise the operators to do the lubrication and maintenance work of the equipment.

★Operators should be familiar with the performance and structure of the equipment so that they can understand the structure, performance, purpose, and principles of the "four understandings", know how to use, maintain, and troubleshoot.

★Operators must strictly abide by the equipment safety operation rules to operate the equipment.

★Operators must stick to their posts and strictly implement the equipment tour inspection system and fill in the operation records carefully.

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4. Daily maintenance of equipment for the production of animal feed

(1) Do a good job of lubricating equipment in accordance with the equipment lubrication management system.

(2) Keep the feed factory equipment clean and timely to eliminate the phenomenon of running, emitting, dripping and leaking.

(3) The equipment must be kept in normal operation. If abnormalities are found, the equipment should be stopped in time to find out the cause and remove the fault and make a shift record.

(4) Operators should take good care of the equipment they operate and do a good job of maintenance to keep them in good condition.

(5) The operator should clean the equipment 30 minutes in advance before leaving get off work every day.

(6) Make a record of animal feed mill equipment transfer.

5. Equipment tour inspection system

(1) Tour inspection personnel and inspection time requirements

①After the animal manufacturing mill equipment is started, the operator must conduct patrol inspections on the running equipment. The number of patrol inspections shall not be less than once per hour. The main animal feed equipment shall strengthen the patrol inspection.

②When the shift is transferred, the personnel involved in the shift should make a joint inspection tour as an on-site shift of the equipment.

③Maintenance fitters and electricians should cooperate with production attendants to carry out patrol inspections at least once every 4 hours.

(2) Tour inspection content and requirements

①The roving inspection personnel should be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment for feed mill and various technical parameters.

②The contents of the patrol inspection include pressure, temperature, oil level, speed, current and voltage of various places.

③The patrol inspectors use eyes, ears, nose, hands and other human organs to carefully monitor various parts of the equipment by looking, listening, smelling, touching and other methods. If conditions permit, they should also use instruments to scientifically monitor the equipment. If problems are found, they can be promptly and properly handled and reported in time.

④ The patrol inspection personnel should carefully prepare patrol inspection records for inspection.

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