How does animal feed mill factory judge whether the formula is appropriate?

1. Judgment criteria for feed formula

The animal feed mill plant feed formula not only relies on the appropriate animal feed line production process and animal feed processing equipment to complete the conversion to the product, but also has a profound impact on production efficiency, production cost and production quality. Therefore, the mutual suitability of strengthening formula and production process and equipment is the technical department and production An important job for the department. Generally speaking, the suitability of the formula can be judged from the following three aspects:

(1) Product cost performance. A good formula is based on the excellent cost performance of the product. For customers, economic benefits are more important than product prices. Therefore, there is no most expensive formula, only the best formula.

(2) Comprehensive cost. The cost of feed products includes marketing costs, financial costs, manufacturing costs and formula costs. A good formula can drive the entire system to achieve the goal of the lowest overall cost.

(3) Production adaptability. The design of the formula and the selection of raw materials must consider the production process and the processing accuracy of the equipment. If this basis is broken, the production conversion rate of the formula will be reduced, and the product cannot meet the inherent requirements of the feed formula. 

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2. Review and implementation of feed formula 

The change and implementation of the formula is not just a departmental matter, because the formula is at the core of the overall situation, so systematic and rigorous measures and systems are needed to ensure the review and implementation of the formula. In general, the five-party review is a measure for feed companies to ensure that the formula can be effectively implemented. The roles played by each department are as follows: 

(1) Technical Department: Provide formula, and explain the reason and purpose of formula change.

(2) Purchasing Department: According to formula changes, provide corresponding raw material price trends, supply volume, alternative raw material varieties, etc., focusing on the supply of newly used raw materials or increased amount of raw materials in the formula.

(3) Production Department: Determine whether the production process and equipment are suitable for the production of the formula after the formula is changed, and whether it will affect the production efficiency and production cost.

(4) Quality Control Department: predict product sensory changes caused by formula changes and product quality control in the production process. 

(5) Finance Department: Combining the opinions of the above departments, calculate the comprehensive cost after formula change and conduct financial analysis.

Conclusion: During the promotion of feed products, the formula will be changed at any time due to various objective reasons, but the production process and equipment will not be frequently technically modified due to the adjustment of the formula, only to strengthen the formula design and management The system can maximize the mutual suitability of the formula and the production process and equipment, and improve the production site management and quality control work, so that the product can reach the design standard to the greatest extent and realize the complete conversion of the feed formula.

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